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Your presence here means only one thing: Aku has returned, and you, little samurai, have become the world's only hope.

—the African Chief to a young Jack.

The African Chief was the leader of an unnamed tribe from Sub-Saharan Africa. He was one of many men who trained a young Jack while he was in exile, teaching him the art of stick-fighting. The Chief also had a son, who befriended Jack.


The African Chief is the third of Jack's mentors. Upon Jack's arrival to his tribe's territory, he begins teaching Jack about his tribe's fighting techniques.

Later on, the African Chief and the rest of his tribe are kidnapped by an enemy tribe, and they are freed by Jack. Afterward, the African Chief escorts Jack to Egypt so the latter can begin his training there.

The African Chief and his tribe are among the many to attend Jack and Ashi's wedding in Episode CI.

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