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The Alien Teenagers are a group of minor characters appearing exclusively in Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack. They are a group of (presumably alien) teens who inadvertently became the origin of Samurai jack's pseudonym. They speak quickly, and in a nigh-incomprehensible hipster lingo.


The Alien Tennagers have three members, each displaying humanlike appearance, though the color of their skin and unusual proportions suggest that they are in fact humanoid aliens. None of them are explicitly named. All but the shortest of them stand with very poor posture, always leaning far forward or backward.

The tallest of the three has overall lanky proportions, with long limbs and a thin body. He has a long, pointed nose and bright yellow teeth. He wears a grassy green jumpsuit with no sleeves a deep V-neck and matching green high-heeled boots. He also wears a hat styled like a green lava lamp, the bottom of which covers the upper part of his face like a mask, with eyeholes for him to see through. He has the highest voice out of the three.

The second tallest, middle in height, has lavender colored skin and a more average frame, with spiky purple swept-back hair. He has thick lips, which are the same purple as his hair. He wears a midriff-exposing outfit composed of a long-sleeved red-orange shirt with brown highlights on the cuffs and hem, matching red-orange pants with a brown waistband, and cream-colored underwear with a spiky waistband which is visible past the low waistband of his pants. It is unclear whether his shoes are the same red-orange as his shirt and pants, or if his pants are just so baggy as to completely cover his feet.

The shortest of the trio has impeccable posture, much unlike the other two, and is always standing perfectly upright, even when jumping with excitement. He is bald and has light blue skin and sunglasses, with thick, dark blue lips. His arms are somewhat long for the size of his body, and his hands are very large in comparison to his thin arms. He wears what appears to be a blue hoodie with ripped-off sleeves, a dark blue hood, and a zipper with an enormous black key running down the front. His pants are the same blue as his jacket, as are the tops of his shoes, all of which are perfectly flush with each other. His shoes are very large and have black soles, as well as black spots just above the sole, near the ankle. His voice is by far the lowest of the trio.

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