Apathy is one of the many forms of Inner Jack and a minor character in the fifth season of Samurai Jack.


Apathy's first appearance was in Episode XCV where he took over a conversation after Jack dismissed a Puffball after Apathy notices Ashi's disappearance and was pleased with it. However, when Jack was going to save her, Apathy later got annoyed by it.

In Episode XCVIII, all of the negative personalities including Apathy were sealed away leading to Jack regain his sword.



  • "Well then, maybe you'll talk to me!"
  • "Look, why do you always have to get involved? She chose her way, and now she has to live with the consequences.”
  • "(Smirking) She's gone.”
  • "Ok, well that's that. Let's get out of here."
  • "(Sighing) You're going to save her life, aren't you?”


  • Many fans confused Apathy to be Mad Jack in Episode XCV, however this was false as Mad Jack is [Jack's] own inner hatred as Apathy is the most calm of the negative personalities.
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