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Arachnid Cyclops is the 3rd opponent chicken Jack faces in the Creature Combat Club. An alien animal that has four pairs of skinny legs, a round head, no body, and one large eye. This creature was brought out in a small dome shaped container, and is most notable for managing to break Jack's leg in their fight, making his fight against the Mutant Earthworm and The Finisher much more difficult for a while.

Known Moves

Arm Wack: Arachnid Cylcop uses one of his arms to hit the opponent.

Counter: Arachnid Cyclop dodges the opponents attack and then uses an arm wack.

Sticky Web: Arachnid Cyclop shoots a pink sticky web like substance at the opponent.

Web Spin: Arachnid Cyclop after trapping his opponent in a web spins around making the opponent dizzy.

Arachnid Cyclop's Little Dome