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Hope lives! It is everywhere! I've seen it. Everyone you have touched. The people you have helped. You saved them! (...) Jack, don't listen! You're being misguided! I've seen it! You've saved COUNTLESS innocents-but most of all. (...) You showed me the truth! You made me see that there's so much more to me than I knew existed! You made me way more than what I was! (...) The hope you gave me SAVED MY LIFE!"

—Ashi to Jack, giving him back his hope and fighting spirit.

Jack, don't you see? Everything that has happened in our lives has brought us here. Right now...together. And together we're going to defeat Aku.

—Ashi to Jack

Ashi is the deuteragonist during Season 5 of Samurai Jack. She was born and raised as a member of the Daughters of Aku, seven sisters who served as assassins attempting to kill Jack. She later became the only surviving member and unwillingly accompany Jack. It was only later that she came to have doubts about Aku's true nature after Jack saves her life. She finally made a full turn-around when Jack showed her the destruction Aku has unleashed on the world and she saw all the good that the Samurai had done.

She served as Jack's most important ally in Season 5, in Episode XCIX she and Jack eventually fall in love. Eventually, after meeting Aku in person in Episode C, it is revealed that Aku was her biological father, after which he corrupts her unwillingly into his service. In Episode CI, she used her powers as a cambion to help transport Jack back to the past to defeat Aku but faded from existence on the day of her wedding to Jack as a consequence of past Aku's death.

In Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Ashi is given an alternate ending, married to Jack and doesn't fade away from existence. She is with Jack in the final scene watching the horizon under the cherry blossom tree in a world free from Aku. The same cherry blossom tree Jack showed Ashi in Episode XCVI.


Ashi and her six sisters were birthed from the High Priestess, the leader of an all-female cult of Aku, and raised as assassins to do what no other warriors could do: kill Samurai Jack. The High Priestess named them the Daughters of Aku and raised them with the most brutal training methods throughout their childhoods and youth, in order to sculpt them into the ultimate killers.

During her training as a child, Ashi found a hole in the wall to gaze upon the outside world. The High Priestess told her that the world was a creation of their master, Aku and that it was threatened so long as Jack lived to oppose Aku's rule. She was then thrown back into training and received punishment. By the time Ashi had reached adulthood at age 18, she and her sisters completed their training. They donned their masks and head coverings and set out to fulfill their mission. (Episode XCII)

Ashi and her sisters laid an ambush for Jack in a forest, destroying his motorbike and starting an intense battle with the samurai, forcing him to hide and later flee to an abandoned temple. Ashi and her sisters pursued their fleeing enemy into to the temple's underground crypt. Here they had another intense battle with the samurai, but he succeeded in killing one of Ashi's sisters and blew up the temple using Scaramouche's knife, briefly trapping the others inside. (Episode XCIII)

After breaking out of the rubble, Ashi carries her dead sister and says "Death is failure". She and her sisters use the Samurai's blood trail to track Jack. At night, she says she will take watch and looks at the stars before falling asleep in the tree. The next day, Ashi and a couple of her sisters witness a male and female deer nuzzling each other affectionately. Ashi and her other sisters are confused about what is happening as they do not know what love is. Ashi and her sisters track Jack to a forest clearing and he gives them a choice: go and live, or stay and face their destiny. The sisters remain steadfast in their resolve to complete their mission, and Jack responds, "So be it."

Ashi and her sisters attacked Jack relentlessly. However, this time Jack had the elements of concealment and surprise on his side, rather than the other way around as previously. The daughters of Aku found themselves outmatched as, one by one, Jack killed the sisters until only Ashi remained hanging off a cliff by the chain of her kusarigama. Seeing her sisters perish and having been bested, Ashi had a momentary breakdown as she ranted and swore that she would kill Jack, even as he dropped her to her presumed death. (Episode XCIV)

Initially playing dead, Ashi survived the fall and tried to kill Jack again numerous times, despite being chained up with her own weapon, eaten whole by a giant monster, and witnessing Jack's numerous attempts to save her life. Jack at one point had enough of Ashi's words and told her everything that she knew was wrong and it was Aku who had released the monstrosities upon our world to feed on his carnage. When Ashi calls Jack a liar, Jack says she may believe what she may, but if she opens her eyes and lets go of her hate, she would see the truth. Eventually, after escaping the monster, Ashi attempts to kill Jack with the sickle of her kusarigama by sneaking up on him, before noticing a ladybug fly by. This triggered a flashback to when she was a small child training with her sisters when a ladybug flew into her hand and she observed the beauty of it before it was unceremoniously squished and killed by her mother, labeling it a distraction and "not part of Aku's order."

Ashi continued to hear these words until she sees Jack hold the ladybug in his hand and releasing it unharmed. After being saved by Jack from the belly of a colossal beast (despite her constant animosity towards him and continued attempts to kill him) and watching his humble and honorable nature to the simplest forms of life, she started to question her ways. Finally realizing that Jack was not the enemy, she dropped her weapon and reconsidered her purpose, deciding to meditate with Jack on an island from a distance, indicating that she has made peace with the Samurai. (Episode XCV)

Ashi thinks about Jack and her mother's words all day and night and even hallucinates her mother as the moon telling Ashi to kill the samurai in his slumber. She refuses as she has questions and how Jack saved her life. The hallucination of her mother tells Ashi she has failed them as she fades away. Jack then rides a sea dragon with Ashi to the mainland. Jack leaves and tells Ashi "Goodbye. Ashi follows him and wants Jack not just to tell Ashi the truth, but to show her. Jack tells Ashi, no, but seeing as she got upset, he says he will in the morning and to have patience. Ashi asks if the stars are Aku's creation and Jack tells a story of when he was little that his mother told him about the creation of the stars. The next day, Jack shows Ashi a cherry blossom tree surrounded by a wasteland of spikes. Jack tells Ashi how there used to be many of them until Aku left, but one as a reminder of his hate and oppression. Jack and Ashi then visit the city of Aku where Ashi gets to witness first hand of a violent alien criminal banished from his world being allowed to occupy a peaceful village to do what he wants with it. Jack tells Ashi how the innocent and weak are always preyed upon. Jack proceeds to show Ashi the death, carnage, and destruction of Aku until Ashi has seen enough and how she finally believes Jack. Ashi sees the error of her ways and becomes his ally, going against her mother and her cult. At the same time, she no longer saw Aku as a god but a demon to be destroyed, finally convinced after being shown solid evidence by Jack that Aku is truly evil. Shortly after, she agreed to help Jack save a group of children who are being mind-controlled by implanted chips.

While Jack distracted the children, Ashi searched for the source of the mind-controlling signal, only to be captured and brought before the sadistic Dominator. While being tortured and forced to watch as Jack was overwhelmed, Ashi was angered when the Dominator gloated about turning the children into weapons due to them being naive and vulnerable, striking a nerve and allowing her to break free of her restraints, since it reminded her too much of how she was also turned into a living weapon for no good reason. Overcoming the Dominator's electric onslaught, Ashi managed to overpower and kill her torturer, freeing the children in the process. Upon discovering that the children are alive and well, Ashi called out for Jack, but the samurai had mysteriously disappeared. (Episode XCVI)

When searching for Jack on a blimp, Ashi finds herself being targeted by two mysterious figures. When they reveal themselves to be, woolies, friends of Jack, they ask her if she is a friend to Jack as well, leaving her lost in her thought. Ashi then assures them she also wants to help Jack. After hearing the story about how Jack saved the woolies, the airship captain informs her that Jack got off at their current exit, to which she quickly hops off the blimp.

After landing in a forest, she ends up meeting the Three Blind Archers, who tell of Jack's nobleness, then later the Ravers, who dance and sing upon being reminded of Jack, causing Ashi to join in as well. Upon arriving at a cave with a waterfall, Ashi remembers how her mother forced her and her sisters to jump into a pile of burning darkness, creating a bodysuit that also allows her to store her weapons. Ashi at first walks away from the cave, but then jumps in and starts scraping the scabs off her body with rocks.

While climbing out of the cave, she realizes that she is naked, and creates a new outfit out of leaves. Later on, when she arrives at a tavern in the forest, she meets Da Samurai, who explains that he gave up his samurai life after Jack enlightened him. Back outside, Ashi meets a shadowy cat-like figure and is asked if Jack is her friend, to which Ashi assuredly says yes. The shadowy person then tells Ashi to follow the path north, after which she finds Jack in a cemetery about to commit seppuku.

Ashi tries to snap Jack into his senses, yet The Omen fights to keep her from interfering. Ashi tells Jack how hopes lives and it is everywhere, how Jack not only saved a lot of people, but also how Jack saved Ashi, showed her the truth, and how he taught Ashi there is so much more to Ashi than she knew existed and how the hope Jack gave Ashi saved her life. Eventually, Ashi is able to get to Jack when she tells him the children from the factory are still alive, allowing Jack to save her from the Horseman and defeat him. After the ghosts of the other samurai return to their graves and Jack compliments Ashi's new dress, she asks what their next move is, and Jack responds it is time to find his sword. (Episode XCVII)

After Jack tells her the story of how he lost his sword, they arrive at the site on the back of a large bird. Exploring the pit, but failing to find the sword, Ashi wonders if someone could have stolen it, to which Jack responds the sword abandoned him and not vice versa. Back outside, Ashi thanks the bird, and it nuzzles her in return.

While Jack meditates to find his sword, Ashi remains behind to protect his body. Sure enough, an entire army of Orcs arrives to kill Jack. Ashi confronts them, much to their amusement, but she actually managed to fight and kill them all. Afterward, Ashi spots another hostile near the top of the mountain and calls for the bird to take her back to high ground.

The assassin fired multiple arrows at Jack, but Ashi quickly catches one mid-air, blocking the rest with a large stone slab. Ashi is surprised that the attacker is none other than her own mother. The High Priestess criticizes Ashi's lack of focus but offers her another chance to kill Jack. Ashi refuses, explaining that Jack showed her the truth about Aku. Furious, the High Priestess attacks them both, but Ashi manages to defend Jack and herself using only a ram's horn.

The High Priestess scolds Ashi for sparing Jack and betraying their family, despite the fact the samurai killed her sisters. Ashi retorts their fates were already sealed, being raised as nothing more than living weapons. Before the High Priestess can finish Jack, Ashi recovers from the rubble she had been buried under and manages to throw one of her mother's arrows back at her, hitting her in the back and sending her falling to her death. Ashi herself falls to the ground shortly after, exhausted from the fight. Jack wakes her up upon returning from the spirit world. She compliments his new look and getting his sword back, and Jack himself remarks that Ashi has also been busy. When Ashi asks what their plan is now, Jack tells her Aku is their final target. (Episode XCVIII)

After finding Jack's sword, Ashi and Jack journey through a desert, stopping to rest at an outpost resembling a Middle-Eastern-style city. Jack offered Ashi some food from a local vendor, but she politely refused after it temporarily turned his head into a fish. On the camel barge transporting them through the desert, Ashi's affection for Jack begins to surface as they both find themselves being awkwardly hemmed in by multiple green tiger-men. When a trap is sprung, Ashi helps Jack fight their attackers, with the tension between them continuing to rise.

Ashi and Jack both agree it's time to leave and escape from the barge, continuing their journey on foot. Stopping at an oasis for water, Jack shows Ashi how to make straw hats for each other, further enhancing their relationship. Eventually, the two are caught in a sandstorm, but find shelter in a towering monolith. Investigating the facility, Ashi and Jack discover it is actually a prison ship, and Ashi is suddenly bitten on the leg by a leech-like creature.

Fortunately, Jack kills the creature and removes the poison in time. Hearing an animal-like scream in the distance, they retreat deeper into the prison before confronting their pursuer: a massive monster made of the same leeches from earlier, and barely manage to escape while fighting it off. Shortly after, the duo is directed to the ship's armory, where Jack receives a special weapon that can kill the creature, Lazarus 92.

Unfortunately, Ashi misfires a laser rifle, causing Jack to miss the part involving the weapon's activation. Ashi then dons a riot shield and sword-staff and says she is ready, with Jack reluctantly agreeing. Once they find the creature, Jack attempts to turn on the weapon but fails. Ashi realizing that Jack doesn't know how to turn it on and tries it herself. In the process, she is attacked by Lazarus-92 and her leaf dress is eaten off, leaving her completely naked. An embarrassed Jack explains private parts are personal, confusing Ashi due to her sheltered upbringing and forcing Jack to lend her his gi mid-battle.

The two are then surrounded by the leeches when Jack finally activates the weapon and is nearly killed while saying each other's names. After recovering for a moment from the weapon's discharge, Ashi and Jack finally realize their feelings for each other and embrace in a long, passionate kiss, having found true love together. (Episode XCIX)

Immediately after, Ashi and Jack quickly realize they are kissing and stop, nervous and mildly disgusted by the venom. Ashi offers Jack his gi, but he insists she keeps it until she finds new clothes, claiming the ship is drafty. Soon, they spot a hole in the ceiling leading outside. Ashi searches for something to wear while Jack heads back outside. After finding a sweater and boots in a locker room, Ashi comes across Jack showering outside and kindly leaves him his gi.

That evening, after hunting some alien worms for dinner, the two awkwardly try to make small talk. Ashi asks Jack if he ever thinks about his home, and Jack answers that he does so all the time, opening up to her with the memories of his home throughout the seasons. When Ashi asks if there was a girl in his life, Jack says "yes, many" which upsets Ashi, then he quickly asks Ashi if she means "A girl", as Ashi nods in agreement. Jack explains how there wasn't time, since he was only 8 when the seal his father placed on Aku was broken and he attacked his village. While Jack admits the time before Aku's return was nice, the memories of his home are the only way he will see it again.

The next morning, a distraught Ashi wakes up to find that Jack has left her again. She later finds him in a robot graveyard, demanding to know why he left. Jack explains that, in addition to witnessing the suffering of many innocent people, Aku has taken everything from him, everything Jack has ever loved, leaving him with nothing but memories, and doesn't Jack want the same to happen to Ashi. Instead, Ashi assures him they will defeat Aku together and how everything in their lives has brought them here, together, and how together, they will defeat Aku. Sure enough, Aku reveals himself, accompanied by Scaramouche. Aku claims he is aware that Jack lost his sword, having learned the information from Scaramouche. When Jack reveals the opposite, Aku telekinetically destroys Scaramouche's head in frustration. He casually prepares to leave as Jack attacks him, but smells something familiar nearby: himself.

Ashi arms herself with a sword as Aku approaches her, warning him to stay back. Smelling part of himself inside her, Aku remembers the time when he personally paid a visit to the members of the Cult of Aku, providing them with some of his essence. He then deduces that the High Priestess drank his essence shortly after and gave birth to the Daughters of Aku, revealing to a shocked Ashi that she is Aku's biological daughter. When Jack attacks him once again, Aku simply uses his essence inside Ashi to control her body like a puppet, forcing her to fight against Jack.

Jack pleads with her to resist, assuring her she is nothing like her parents, but she is unable to do so. Unhappy with this, Aku throws a giant robot onto them and tells Ashi she needs to "bring out her best" (i.e., himself), corrupting her with an upgraded version of her old outfit. Despite this, Jack manages to break Ashi's sword and cut her arm, briefly getting through to her. Ashi begs Jack to kill her and destroy Aku, but he can't bring himself to do so and stands down. Before Ashi can finish Jack, Aku orders his daughter to stop, joyfully claiming the Samurai's sword as Jack accepts defeat. (Episode C)

As Aku prepares to kill Jack on worldwide television, Jack once more tries to get through to Ashi, though he appears to be unsuccessful. After a period of indecision, Aku decides it's best for Ashi to do the deed. As Ashi prepares to kill Jack, all of the samurai's allies arrive and fight Aku and his forces in a grand-scale battle, while Jack confronts the corrupted Ashi. Jack tries to get his sword, but Ashi does everything she can to prevent it. The Scotsman's ghost then appears to Jack offering all 28 of his daughters to Jack, Jack then says he met someone as the Scotsman asks who, then he points to Ashi's monstrous form attacking the Scotsman's daughters. The Scotsman says to Jack how he doesn't think she is his type. Ashi then absorbs Jack and Jack finds her struggling to fight Aku's essence. Eventually, Jack frees Ashi of Aku's control after confessing his love for her. Disowning her father and dueling him evenly with his own powers, Ashi grabs Jack's sword and warps Jack and herself back to the past, to the moment after Aku sent him to the future. In the time portal, before Jack and Ashi make it back to the past, they smile and hold hands. Back in the past, Jack then proceeds to destroy Aku once and for all, thus preventing the rise of the demon and sparing both the universe and the future from his tyranny. After Aku's defeat, Jack and Ashi escape Aku's tower as it explodes. Ashi nearly faints and says how she felt Aku leave her. Jack tells Ashi how Aku will never hurt anyone ever again as they hug under the sunset.

Unfortunately, since Ashi was Aku's daughter, the destruction of the past Aku would cause her to pass a few years later. She vanished in Jack's arms during their wedding, leaving only her empty shiromuku, much to Jack's grief. However, he's given strength to move on when he sees a ladybug. The same creature she once encountered, given hope for a better future. (Episode CI)

In Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Ashi doesn't fade away from existence during the wedding and watches the scenery with Jack. The very same cherry blossom tree Jack showed Ashi in Episode XCVI, now surrounded by hundreds of them instead of a barren wasteland.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

The game starts after Jack frees Ashi of Aku's control after confessing his love for her. Disowning her father and dueling him evenly with his own powers, Ashi grabs Jack's sword and warps Jack and herself back to the past. In the time portal, before Jack and Ashi make it back to the past, Aku, in a last-ditch effort to stop his demise, creates a time pocket, which is a rift of time and space that is not affected by the main timeline and under the demon's complete control for Jack as a final series of trials to go through. Ashi occasionally appears out of a time portal to give Jack some advice and tries to reach out to Jack. At one point Jack almost reaches Ashi, but Aku pulls Jack away from her. Like in the show, the main purpose of Ashi in this game is to give Jack hope to keep going. Jack then encounters an alternate version of Ashi at the temple that is still brainwashed to kill Jack and Jack reaches his hand out to her. Jack gives Ashi the choice to live and repeats his father's words to her how the decisions you make and the actions that follow are a reflection of who you are and how you cannot hide from yourself. Ashi then tells Jack she will spill Jack's blood in the name of Aku. Ashi then jumps on the rooftop of the building as two other Daughters Of Aku fight Jack.

Inside the temple, the real Ashi appears out of a time portal to tell Jack to try and save her sisters from death this time around. Jack tries to give one of the sisters a chance to live, but she still fights to the death. In the snowy forest, Jack gives the rest of Ashi's sisters a second chance to live their own destiny, one without Aku. In the end, they still chose to fight to the death. Ashi as well as the other Daughters Of Aku serve as a boss fight in this game. After the battle, Ashi is still the last one standing and is brainwashed to kill Jack. Jack is still able to reach out to Ashi by mentioning how she is not this person, and how he knows the real her, even mentioning her name. Ashi is confused to how Jack knows her name, Jack then says how he knows Ashi has a pure and kind heart, Ashi replies how she will kill Jack, and then Jack asks Ashi if she remembers the ladybug.

Ashi then drops her kusarigama after Jack manages to get through to her. Aku then appears behind her and pushes Ashi on Jack's sword, which impales and kills her. Jack is bothered by not being able to save Ashi's sisters or Ashi herself as he talks to her inner self. Jack's inner self tells Jack that that power over others is weakness disguised as strength, how this place is merely a shadow of things that came before. Jack's inner self convinces Jack to not let Aku break his spirit if Jack is ever to find the way forward. In the spaceship of Lazarus 92, Aku reanimates the corpse Ashi (which is slightly decomposed) asking why Jack killed her like she did her sisters and how she thought Jack loved her. Jack tries to explain that he did not mean to do it. Aku then appears behind Ashi's corpse and both Ashi and Aku's voice sync to say "But you did". Aku then possesses her body and becomes Ashi's corrupted form. A portal warps Jack and corrupted Ashi to the robot graveyard in the desert for a boss fight. After the battle, Jack can't bring himself to kill Ashi and stands down. Before the corrupted Ashi can finish off Jack, the real Ashi appears out of a portal and vaporizes the corrupted Ashi with her laser eye beams. Ashi then tells Jack to go through the final portal and how he is so close and has to keep going.

After Aku's defeat, Ashi then appears out of a time portal reaching her hand out for Jack and Jack grabs her hand and jumps through the portal with Ashi. Jack is relieved how his journey is finally over and tells Ashi "Even across time, I will find my way back to you" as they then proceed to smile and hold hands. Back in the past, Jack then proceeds to destroy Aku once and for all, thus preventing the rise of the demon and sparing both the universe and the future from his tyranny. After Aku's defeat, Jack and Ashi escape Aku's tower as it explodes. Ashi nearly faints and says how she felt Aku leave her. Jack tells Ashi how Aku will never hurt anyone ever again as they hug under the sunset. If the player destroys all 50 Corrupted Emperor's Kamon medals, they will be met with a secret ending that plays out like the normal ending of the series finale, except Ashi doesn't fade away from existence at the wedding and is with Jack at the final scene under the cherry blossom tree as Jack's wife.


Ashi is a 18-year-old teenage girl, who she and all the Daughters of Aku shared the same appearance. They all had slim, petite builds, and all of them have large, narrow eyes, red lips, and are 'wearing' some sort of black bodysuit. When undercover, they usually wear a white, horned mask to conceal their own identities. It is suggested they are of Asian descent.

The only difference between Ashi and her sisters is their varying hairstyles. Ashi's hair is combed up to a single point initially, though she later re-styles it when she changes her outfit.

She may be considered attractive, as the Dominator refers to her as pretty. When Jack notices her new looks, he awkwardly compliments her hair and clothing, much to her amusement.

Ashi's bodysuit was revealed to be dark magic, received when she was young after her mother, the High Priestess, pushed her (and presumably her sisters) into a pit of what she claimed was burning hot dark magic from the Pit of Hate. The Priestess refers to the magic as the "darkness that Aku was born from." The suit was removed by Ashi while searching for Jack.

Ashi later wore a wears a fluorescent dress made from leaves, and let her hair down in a natural style. After her brutal slaughtering of the army in XCVIII, her dress took major battle damage, tearing by her feet and upper body area most notably. By Episode XCIX, it was completely eaten off by Lazarus 92, causing Jack to lend her his gi mid-battle.

In Episode C, Ashi found a blue-green, sweater-like uniform and black boots inside the ship.

Later, during her unwilling duel against Jack, Aku twisted her into a form similar to his own, also granting her magical powers similar to his. In this form, Ashi was an unnaturally tall, slender, pitch-black humanoid with spikes on her joints, empty white eyes with flaming eyebrows, and four horns on her head. After being restored to normal, Ashi's face and hair became her own again, though her body remained pitch-black and she retained her father's abilities.

In Episode CI, before being erased permanently, she wore a traditional Japanese wedding dress, a shiromuku.

In Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, she is wearing her own gi separate from Jack's.


Like all Daughters of Aku, Ashi was born and raised for battle and developed into a cunning strategist. Arguably the strongest and smartest Daughter. And probably the eldest one of the seven daughters of Aku, she was clever enough to go after the archers first in her final test, making the task much easier.

Like the rest of her sisters, she possesses little to no knowledge of the outside world, as shown when it turns out she doesn't know what a deer is, and assumes a male deer is Aku's minion due to its antlers. However, she seemed to possess more curiosity about the outside world than her Sisters (both as a child and as an adult), causing the High Priestess to chide her for her distraction and lack of focus. When she begins to question if Jack is truly evil, she demands he teaches her and becomes impatient when he tells her to wait until the next morning. She also asks him questions like where the stars come from, further implying her love for nature and her abundant curiosity.

She seems to have a skewed comprehension of the concept of decency. When she realized that she was naked upon scrubbing away the dark magic coating on her skin, she uttered "uh-oh" and made herself a dress of leaves. However, when her clothing was eaten by Lazarus 92 leaving her naked once more, she doesn't mind and was confused by Jack's embarrassment seeing her in such condition.

She also found that Jack's reminder that male and female private parts are personal did not make sense. It is possible she views clothing as purely practical and/or doesn't see the need for concealing her body from someone she knows and trusts. Jack presumably taught her several concepts and terms during their relationship afterward, as she understands the concept of marriage and living her role as Jack's wife.

Furthermore, she initially does not understand the concept of love and compassion, seeing the loving bond between a deer couple as madness due to the fact that she (like her sisters) had assumed the stag would attack the doe. This was also seen when she and her sisters did not mourn the first of their sisters to die by Jack's hand, instead of reciting their mother's words: "death is failure." In addition, like Jack, she tends to suffer from her conscience haunting her (in the form of her mother), reminding her to kill the samurai. This part of her conscience seems to stem from the abuse she received from her mother along with being indoctrinated since birth to kill the samurai.

Still, she has an emotional breakdown after witnessing all of her sisters die before her and failing to kill Jack. This is likely due to her being raised to kill Jack under the extreme and violent tutelage of her mother, who raised them to think of failure as the pinnacle of disgrace and something that was an impossible occurrence. Her breakdown also likely stemmed from her shock at being defeated by Jack, someone she was raised to see herself and her sisters as inherently superior to (implying she is prideful and a little arrogant, which could have partially led to her downfall). Also, in episode XCVI, when the Dominator taunts how easy it is to manipulate children and turn them into weapons, she reacts angrily, implying she has unresolved feelings towards the abuse she endured from her mother along with her sisters' deaths.

She remained fervent in attempting to kill Jack, proving a determined single-mindedness as a result of her upbringing. She is very stubborn and initially firm in her beliefs, spending long hours yelling and cursing Jack while stating Aku would punish him while they traveled inside a giant beast.

She is capable of holding grudges and noticeably has a short temper, getting frustrated easily. Along with this is an indomitable will, undeterred by failure and capable of withstanding the most gruesome of torture, as evidenced by her many attempts to kill Jack despite her numerous failures along with being able to overcome torture in episode XCVI.

While she grew up believing Aku to be the creator of all things and a God with Jack being a parasite that tormented the land, upon seeing Jack's humble and honest appreciation of life (letting a ladybug go), she questions her beliefs. This demonstrates that while stubborn, she is capable of change and that deep down she is a compassionate person who loves the beauty of the world along with nature. She is horrified to see the truth of Aku and his evil but slowly accepts it. She is even horrified to hear that children were being taken to a factory to be tortured and used, proving further that she is a kind soul who wishes to protect the innocent. Overall, she seems to have been a misguided woman who thought she had been doing the right thing and protecting people by serving Aku and killing Jack, but eventually sees the error of her ways.

After learning the truth from Jack, she has renounced her mother, put her past behind (especially as she removes her "bodysuit" and leaves her past behind), and is now set on stopping Aku. She believes in defending the good and protecting nature.

She also managed to learn more about Jack while searching for him, thanking everyone for telling her their stories and allowing her to see Jack as the true savior of the people. He managed to teach her (both directly and indirectly) about the world and about herself and allowed her to mature and grow as an individual. She was even able to let go of her serious persona for a second to dance to a rave dedicated to Jack's memory and bask in the beauty of nature. Furthermore, she is more balanced and rational than before. In the seppuku scene, she repeatedly reasons with the troubled Jack by pointing out various people he has just saved and the hope he instilled in their hearts.

Despite becoming a kind person and learning the truth, she still retains a brutal ruthless nature towards her enemy, mercilessly killing the Dominator, an entire Orc Army, and her own mother.

She cares about Jack so much that she was willing to search for him and help him get his confidence back, as well as save him from the Omen. She has also become protective of him (most likely because he is her savior and because of his at times fragile sanity), defending him from a whole army of orcs and even her own mother while he leaves to get his sword (Episode XCVIII).

She even comes to his aid when he visits the Guardian's time portal, saying that she will stay by his side and that no matter what, something brought them together (Episode C). Eventually, she was willing to put others' lives above her own, using her new powers to make the ultimate sacrifice to send Jack back to his own time to defeat Aku, saving many lives, but at the cost of her own existence. (Episode CI)

In Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Ashi feels very happy and content to finally be with Jack, in the secret ending, as she doesn't fade from existence.


Season 5

  • Episode XCII (Her first appearance; goes on a hunt for Jack with her sisters after her lifelong training.)
  • Episode XCIII (She and her sisters follow Jack into a temple. One of her sisters dies.)
  • Episode XCIV (Takes watch in the search to find Jack and kill him; She and her sisters fight Jack to death. She is the last to "die".)
  • Episode XCV (Gets chained up by Jack, both her and Jack get swallowed by a giant creature. Jack saves her life multiple times despite her rudeness and her indoctrination. Decides to not kill Jack after seeing his kindness to a ladybug.)
  • Episode XCVI (Becomes Jack's ally after Jack showing her the truth about Aku's world. Saves alien children.)
  • Episode XCVII (Searches for Jack and learns about the hope her gave to others. Changes look and dress. Ultimately gives Jack hope not to commit seppuku.)
  • Episode XCVIII (Defends Jack from an orc army and fights her mother to the death).
  • Episode XCIX (Falls in love with Jack and starts a relationship with him.)
  • Episode C (Learns Aku is her father. Tragic unwilling "betrayal" of Jack after Aku controls and corrupts her.)
  • Episode CI (Her last appearance, she regains control over her powers after Jack confesses his love for her. She uses her powers to open a time portal to send Jack back to the past to defeat Aku. She ultimately gets erased from existence on the day of her wedding to Jack due to Aku's destruction in the past.)

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

  • Acts as Jack's guidance and is a boss fight both as a daughter of Aku and in her corrupted form. Becomes Jack's wife in the alternate ending without being erased from existence.

Powers and Abilities

According to The High Priestess, Ashi is the strongest of all the Daughters of Aku.

  • Enhanced Agility: Ashi's training throughout her entire life has honed her skills as being very fast and has amazing jumping and parkour skills which can arguably be seen as on par with, or even better than Jack's.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Ashi has been beaten endlessly throughout her training, hardening her as a warrior. She and her sister also durable enough to endure harsh weather conditions since they can fight Jack without the elements hindering their combat capabilities despite being unclothed all the time.
  • Enhanced Stamina: In order to protect Jack, Ashi fought and defeated an entire army and her own mother before finally collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Enhanced Speed: Ashi is shown to be very swift. She is capable of dodging arrows while climbing a cliff and grabbing one of the fired arrows out of thin air. She and her sisters are capable of dodging machine gunfire.
  • Enhanced Strength: She and her sisters have deceptive raw strength for their lean frame. They are able to destroy Jack's armor merely through punches. They are also able to easily smash through stone and concrete. She was strong enough to lift a large man in a metal suit and throw him through the glass. During her battle against the army that comes to kill Jack, she is shown to be strong enough to push hundreds of soldier larger than her off the mountain cliff without difficulty, as well as breaking their spears, armor, shields or pulling the arm of a muscular man out of its socket with her bare hands. Afterward, she picks up a large stone slab to protect Jack and herself from a hail of arrows, lifting it above her head before destroying it.
  • Enhanced Senses: Ashi and her sisters were trained to be able to react to dangers, such as archer fire, by instinct. Her reflexes, endurance, stamina, and agility are drastically enhanced to superhuman levels.
  • Corrupted form: During her unwilling fight against Jack in Episode C, Aku corrupts her into his likeness with several supernatural powers. It is shown that she inherits almost all of Aku's powers.
    • Superhuman Strength: The suit increases her physical strength, making her strong enough to penetrate metallic objects with a sword and shatter the ground with one kick.
    • Elasticity: In her corrupted form, Ashi can stretch and expand her limbs in any direction. Her limbs can also act like a whip that can easily rip through metal.
    • Pyrokinesis/Infusion: Her bodysuit has flaming eyebrows similar to her father. She can also infuse weaponry, such as a sword, with fire.
    • 360-Degree Neck Rotation: She can rotate her head without snapping her neck.
    • Shapeshifting Arms/Weapon Creation: She can turn her forearms into blades.
    • Eye Beams: She can fire energy beams from her eyes.

Ashi creating a time portal exactly the same way as Aku

    • Time Portal Creation: Much like her father, Ashi has the ability to create time portals using her vocal chords. Ashi used this ability to send herself and Jack back in time to defeat Aku once and for all.
  • Master Assassin: Ashi and her sisters were trained to be powerful and ultimate master assassins.
  • Skilled Archer: Ashi has shown to have excellent skills in archery. She is capable of taking down multiple opponents with the bow while climbing.
  • Expert Combatant: Ashi was highly trained in unarmed combat techniques. She and her sisters have become more skilled at close-quarter combat than even their trainers. She was also able to defeat multiple tiger assassins with ease.
  • Intelligence: Through her training, Ashi developed a talent for strategy. During the final test, she incapacitated the Cult archers at the top of the cliff face, swinging the fight in her and her sisters' favor.
  • Indomitable Willpower: Ashi seems to possess a strong will to correct her mistakes and help her persevere through hardships. This made her into a powerful and cold assassin. As described by her mother towards her and her sisters, "Aku's fire stirs through all of you."
  • Pain Resistance: She is strong enough to resist the 10,000 volts of electrical torture from the Dominator, which would normally kill a regular human. She survived a high fall that was damaging enough to leave her bleeding without any apparent pain. She also survived being thrown into hot coals as a child.
  • Hammerspace: Ashi's original outfit allowed her to store her weapon of choice when not in use. The ability was seemingly lost when she removed her old uniform. In Episode XCVII we see Ashi using this ability as she had a spare kusarigama she used when jumping out of the blimp.
  • Tailoring Skill: After cleansing herself of the darkness from her skin, Ashi tailors her new clothing from local flora, literally leaving her past in the dust.
  • Animal Taming: She may, to some extent, be good at taming animals. In Episode XCVIII, the large bird she and Jack rode took a particular liking to her and even came back to help her when she called for it. It is very likely Jack taught her this skill.
  • Weapon proficiency: Ashi is shown to be proficient with most weapons she comes across. Initially wielding a kusarigama (sickle and chain), she later demonstrates skill with a sword staff and shield in Episode XCIX. She is also good at improvising, using a ram's horn as a makeshift dagger in XCVIII, then later throwing shards of glass as makeshift shuriken in XCIX. Unlike Jack, however, Ashi has little to no experience with firearms, shown when she accidentally misfired a laser rifle in the prison ship's armory.


Family & Relatives

  • The High Priestess - As her birth mother and mentor, Ashi is slightly frightened of her and attempted to please her as best she could as a child during her extensive training. In a brief dream, Ashi sees a more monstrous version of her mother commanding her to kill Jack, showing that she harbors a deep fear of her mother. After seeing the truth about Aku's evil ways, Ashi rebels and renounced her mother. Ashi's relationship with her mother was deeply abusive, as her mother frequently subjected her to both physical and mental torture, including covering her entire body in burning ashes, which made up her apparent "outfit." The two confront each other in episode XCVIII, where her mother calls her a failure and tries to convince her to kill Jack. When this doesn't work, her mother resolves to kill her with no hesitation. She tries to manipulate Ashi, telling her of how Jack killed her sisters but she let him live, but Ashi retorts saying their fates were sealed the day they were born since they were trained to kill. Ashi successfully defends Jack from her mother, killing her in the process and leaving her past behind.
  • The Daughters of Aku (Sisters) - Septuplets born to the High Priestess, Ashi, and her sisters trained together their entire life in order to kill Jack. Initially, they did care for each other's well-being as one of them tried to help Ashi when she slipped, but because of their mother's mantra that weakness and failure are not tolerated, over time they started to disregard their own sisters' well-being and only think of the success of their mission, as they didn't mourn the death of the sister that Jack had unintentionally killed. In "XCVI", Ashi was visibly angered by Dominator's boasting on turning the alien children into weapons, suggesting unresolved feelings over her mother and the abuse all of her sisters and herself have endured in their life. In "XCVIII", when her mother tried to remind Ashi that Jack killed her sisters, Ashi instead berated her mother killed them by feeding them lies and sending them out on a suicide mission.
  • Aku - As one of his worshipers and most devoted of followers, she regarded Aku as a god, and attempted to gain his favor by killing Jack. However, after Jack shows her the truth and consequences of Aku's power by Jack, she now regards him as a demon that must be stopped. Ashi has started to help him in undoing the work of Aku and his followers. It wasn't until later that she discovers she and her sisters are Aku's biological daughters, and Ashi is forced to attack Jack. After breaking free from Aku's control with help from Jack, Ashi publicly disowned her father and fought against him.


Jack and Ashi together at last.

"No. You [Mother] were wrong about everything. Jack showed me the truth".
  • Samurai Jack - Fated to destroy him once and for all, Ashi grew into a fiercely resolved woman bent on eradicating the samurai from the face of the Earth for good. Her first attempt to kill him alongside his sisters was partially successful, as they managed to surprise him and strip him of his armor and weapons. However, he managed to turn the tide on them and eliminate six of the seven daughters of Aku, with Ashi being the only survivor. She suffered a mental breakdown and cursed him, proclaiming Aku would be triumphant. After her fall, she tries to attack him several times and the two end up being eaten alive. Jack tries to keep her safe but she continues to attack him and taunt him, much to his frustration. He tries to show her the error of her ways and that Aku is the evil one, but she tells him to die. He even tries bonding with her by having small talk and saving her multiple times, though his attempts tend to annoy her and she remained resistant. When the two managed to escape, she began to see that he had a humble appreciation for life, making her question if he was truly evil. After beginning to see Jack as a kind soul who appreciated life (saving a ladybug), she begins to question her beliefs regarding Jack as "evil" and Aku as the "Creator of life and savior of all". She and Jack escape the island they are on and she follows him, demanding he shows her the truth. Slowly she sees the horrors Aku has unleashed upon the world and sides with Jack, even helping him to free some alien children from being enslaved in a factory. When she sees he has gone missing, she sets out on a journey to find him while learning about the people Jack has helped, growing to care for him and acknowledge him as a hero while worrying about his well-being. After learning the truth from Jack, she has disowned her mother, put her past behind (especially as she removes her "bodysuit" and leaves her past behind), and is now set on stopping Aku. She also managed to learn more about Jack while searching for him, thanking everyone for telling her their stories and allowing her to see Jack as the true savior of the people. He managed to teach her (both directly and indirectly) about the world and about herself and allowed her to mature and grow as an individual. She cares about Jack so much that she was willing to search for him and help him get back his mojo as well as save him from The Omen. When he goes to get his sword back, she wishes to go with him but he tells her he must do it alone, leaving her disappointed and dejected but she reluctantly agrees to stay. She has become protective of him (most likely because he is her savior and because of his at times fragile sanity which she has seen first hand both while being eaten and seeing him talk to himself and when he nearly committed seppuku), defending him from a whole army of orcs and her mother while he leaves to get his sword (Episode XCVIII). It is also revealed in the same episode that she does not hold the death of her sisters against Jack, instead of understanding that was their fate since their mother raised her and her sisters to kill him and he had no choice but to defend himself. She instead blames her mother for rearing them in such a manner in the first place (which is very true). In XCIX she and Jack became even closer when he offers her food, makes her a hat, and constantly holds hands with her with Jack even sacrificing his robes for Ashi when she was naked during their fight against the alien. Afterward the two kiss, officially starting their relationship and revealing the two have had true love between each other. However, after Ashi was revealed to be Aku's biological daughter, he took advantage of her and attempted to kill Jack. Ashi eventually begs Jack to kill her and then Aku but Jack cannot bring himself to do so and surrenders to Aku to keep Ashi alive. In Episode CI, She eventually used her power to help the Samurai destroy Aku in the past with the cost of her ceasing to exist. In Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, she guides Jack through various time portals, an alternate version of Ashi even appears and Aku has Jack kill this alternate version to torment him. Later, Ashi and Jack return to the past to defeat Aku and get married, instead of Ashi fading away at the wedding, in the alternate game-ending to the story.[1][2]


  • The Omen: When Ashi found Jack meditating in the middle of a cemetery, she met up with the mysterious samurai who has haunted him since the beginning. The samurai tells her not to interfere as he is preparing to have Jack commit seppuku for his supposed failures. However, Ashi knew that every word the samurai spits out is a lie and tries to convince Jack not to give up hope. She reminded him of the people he saved and how he has regained hope in them just as he did with her. The samurai continues to lie and taunts Jack about the blue-furred children he supposedly killed. But Ashi manages to explain that the children are still alive and well. The samurai, who has had enough with her persistence, goes to kill her. However, after hearing the truth from Ashi, Jack protected her and destroyed the samurai once and for all.


  • Conscience: Interestingly, like Jack, Ashi suffers from doubts which manifest as her mother, a representation of her conscience and reminder of the purpose she was trained since birth to accomplish. Her mother first appears in episode XCV, where Ashi is asleep and she dreams of her mother appearing demonic and angry, telling Ashi to slay the samurai and scaring her awake. She then appears in episode XCVI, telling Ashi to kill the samurai in his sleep, but Ashi refuses as she wishes to learn the truth. The hallucination calls Ashi the weak one for always being distracted and claims she failed her. Her conscience seems to be a manifestation of her fear of her mother and a reminder in needing to fulfill her destiny, along with her doubts about her beliefs regarding both Aku and the samurai.

Killed Victims


Season Five

  • "Death is failure."
  • "Our destiny is YOUR death!"
  • "You worthless scum! I will kill you! You can never escape from Aku! You will die! You will die a horrible death, and then Aku will sing, for he is free from the parasite that you are! Die, Samurai! Die, die, you scum!! Die! Die! Die, Samurai! You will die!!!"
  • "Die!! Die!! Why won't you die!!? Scum, Aku will be triumphant!!' I will kill you as long as I have breath in my body!! I will strike you down!!! Long live the glory of Aku!!"
  • "Deceiver, worm!! Scum!!!"
  • "Lecherous snake!!"
  • "I'd be happier as that creature's excrement than be grateful to you."
  • "By Aku's will, you will die in here!!"
  • "There is no hope for you, foolish samurai! Aku is the master of masters and will end you!"
  • "No matter what you have planned for me, I will never buckle, never waver!!"
  • "Your death is certain!! Aku desires it!!"
  • "Aku has made a world of wonders and you have soiled it!!"
  • "Aku is the father of fathers!! His greatness cannot be measured!"
  • "You are a parasite, Samurai, feeding off Aku's generosity!!"
  • "Aku, my master, this fool knows not of your greatness, your kindness, your understanding!!!"
  • "Die."
  • "You look hideous."
  • "Wait!"
  • "You tell me that everything I know is wrong! But refuse to prove any of it! You're afraid! Afraid that I will see you are a liar!!"
  • "What do you know of me? Everything I have endured until this moment!? You know nothing, Samurai. You are just a lowly, soulless pig!!"
  • (Ashi is relieved when the blue alien children prove to alright by regaining their consciousness and freed from the mind control) "We did it! Samurai, we saved them!" (Ashi becomes concerned that Jack is nowhere to be seen) "Samurai? Samurai??" (worried) "SAMURAI JAAAAAACK!"
  • (surprised) "Hurt? I don't..." (and then speaks calmly) "Look, I'm not trying to hurt him. I'm trying to find him. I think he's in trouble."
  • (conflicted with her feelings if she is Jack's friend) "I...don't know."
  • (After her nightly cleansing, and realizing she had no clothes afterward) "Uh-oh."
  • (Once the cloaked stranger asked if she was Jack's friend, hesitates, then truthfully admits softly) "Yes."
  • (she sees Jack and she's relieved) "Samurai!"(She becomes very worried and frightened when she notices a sword laying before him)"Jack?"
  • "No! The children! They're alive! You saved them!"
  • "No. You were wrong about everything. Jack showed me the truth."
  • "No, you killed them! We were made for one purpose: to kill! Our fate was sealed the day we were born!"
  • "I guess I'll just... wait here."
  • "You got your sword! And a shave and a haircut..."
  • "So what's next?"
  • "No!--Thank you. I'll...just try something over here."
  • "Where do you think you're going?"
  • "I'm waiting."
  • "Why aren't you using the weapon?"
  • "And your robe is going to protect me?"
  • "You're acting weird."
  • "Jack I can't stop this!!! I can't control myself!"
  • "Jack! Nothing is working!"
  • "Jack! Kill me, Jack!"
  • "Kill me, then destroy Aku!! You have to do it! Do it now! Kill me!"
  • "No, you're not my father!"
  • "No, you're not!"
  • "Without Aku... I would have never... existed."(Ashi's last words to Jack before ceasing to exist; original ending in Episode CI) "

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

  • "JACK! JACK?!!!" (When Aku traps Jack into the time pocket).
  • "Jack... Take...... my hand!!!"
  • "Take my hand! Quickly! I don't know how long I can hold it open!"
  • "Go through that. You're so close, you have to keep going."
  • "Your destruction is at hand, samurai!" (Alternate time pocket Ashi still brainwashed as a Daughter Of Aku)
  • "Please, help my sisters. Save them like you saved me..."
  • "Why did you kill me Jack? You killed me. Like you killed my sisters. I thought you loved me. But you killed me." (Aku animating the corpse of the alternate time pocket Ashi).
  • "This is your end, Samurai Jack!" (As Ashi's corrupted form)
  • "There... Go through that! You're so close. You have to keep going!"
  • "Jack! You did it! Take my hand, quick!"
  • "Jack, I thought I lost you."


  • Ashi appears in every episode of Season 5.
  • Ashi's name may mean either reed (芦) or rush (葦) in Japanese. This is, presumably, a nod to an island with rushes where Jack and Ashi are stranded on after escaping from the monstrous creature. On that island, Ashi found the truth about Jack.
  • Ashi can be seen as an antithesis to Jack as she was raised to kill him, similar to how he was trained from childhood to defeat Aku.
  • As a child, Ashi showed a genuine interest in the world outside of the temple she and her sisters were kept in for their entire lives.
  • Ashi's weapon is a kusarigama. Unlike the traditional kusarigama, her kusarigama is designed with a spiked circle at the loose end rather than an iron ball.
  • Ashi is the only one of the "Daughters of Aku" who has been named on-screen.
    • While three of her sisters' names have been revealed in the credits of Episode XCIV (Aki, Ami, and Avi), which name belongs to which sister hasn't been revealed so far.
      • Avi, however, is an exception thanks to the consistency of the daughter with the Buttercup-styled hair wielding dual butterfly swords in Episode XCII and the daughter with the same weapon in hand being voiced by Tara Strong (credited for Avi in addition to Ashi) in Episode XCIV.
  • Ashi's original hairstyle bears a striking resemblance to Ilana from Sym-Bionic Titan, another series created by Genndy Tartakovsky. Genndy's Q&A stream revealed, however, that the resemblance was unintentional, as someone else besides him had designed Ashi.
  • While Ashi's official voice actress has been revealed to be Tara Strong, in Episode XCII, some of her vocals were done by Kari Wahlgren.
  • Despite being sheltered her whole life and not knowing what a deer was, Ashi has a high vocabulary.
  • Da Samurai once refers to her as a leaf girl due to her dress and the fact she wore a leaf over her head to protect herself from the rain.
    • Her leaf attire, coincidentally, was shown during Earth Day.
    • Her leaf attire represents her affinity for nature.
    • Her new attire also is a literal visual pun, that being a 'new leaf'.
  • Ashi has the highest confirmed kill count of any human or in the entire series with over tens of thousands of killed victims as of Episode XCVIII, with Aku (who has destroyed entire nations) having much more kills than her.
    • But it is more than likely that Ashi has more confirmed kills within a single day of her life.
  • Ashi has been Jack's longest traveling companion. While he has had other companions (most notably Scotsman and the Wolf) they have not lasted more than two episodes.
  • Ashi is based on Genndy's childhood crush. "I had the same dream since I was 10, about the world being destroyed and run by mutants. I'd find a samurai sword, pick up the girl I had a crush on, and we'd go through the land, surviving."[3]
  • Like Samurai Jack throughout Season Five, she undergoes a number of outfit changes, with the second outfit indicating her change of allegiance.
  • Ashi inheriting Aku's ability may have been hinted even earlier back in Episode XCVI, as, despite her arms and legs being held by mechanical arms, in Ashi's anger, she had managed to somehow slip through them, with her limbs even appearing for a moment to be completely straight, possibly indicating that her limbs shifted to a straight form to slip past the hold.
  • In bittersweet irony, Jack's fear of Ashi becoming only a memory came true.
  • Despite being raised to kill Jack once and for all, Ashi ironically became Jack's only hope to return to the past since all the time portals have been destroyed.
  • There is an ancient Chinese legend that links ladybugs with love. The legend goes that when a ladybug comes to call, it is a sign that true love will pay the person a visit. Further renditions of the legend state that the number of spots on the ladybug indicates the number of months that will pass until the person is united with his/her true love. This may hint that Jack will find another true love to fill in the void left by Ashi.[4]
    • This also ties in with the red string of fate. According to the red string of fate, the two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of a soulmate or a destined flame.[5]
  • Her voice actor, Tara Strong, also voices Raven, another cambion from the show Teen Titans and its reboot series, Teen Titans Go.
  • Ashi doesn't fade from existence in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time's secret ending may be due to the fact that Aku created a time pocket of the future timeline, which is a rift of time and space that is not affected by the main timeline. Since the time pocket of Aku's future is outside of time and space and is not affected by the main timeline, this may have allowed Jack to restore the main timeline while simultaneously the time pocket of Aku's future still exists (now with Aku defeated), allowing Ashi's birth to not be fully erased.
  • It is extremely strange that despite being conceived by the essence of pure evil, Ashi and her sisters are capable of human moral values, such as familial care towards each other (initially) and, in her own case, redemption.


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