"Be Careful, Samurai."
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Bask in the glory in what our master has created. Admire its beauty but know that the samurai is out there leaving a wake of devastation wherever he goes. That's why, my sweet Ashi, the Daughters of Aku must stay focused. Never relent, always attack. Teach this one a lesson!

—The High Priestess to Ashi, Episode XCII

Ashi is the leader of the Daughters of Aku, seven human women who serve as Aku's assassins during the events of Season 5.


Ashi as a child

Ashi and all of the members of the Daughters of Aku shared the same appearance. All of them have big eyes and wear a black latex suit. When in undercover, they usually wear a mask to conceal their own identities.

The only difference of all members of Daughters of Aku is that all of them have different hairstyles. Ashi's hair is combed up to a single point.


Ashi seems to possess a curiosity about the world, especially when she was younger. She's clever to go after the archer first in her final test, making the task much easier.


Ashi and her seven sisters were birthed from The High Priestess who is the leader of an all female cult of Aku and raised as assassins by them, to do what no other fighter could do, destroy Jack. They were put through the most brutal of training, designed to sculpt them into the ultimate warriors, such as facing a hulking, muscle bound opponent when they were mere children. When their training was complete, they donned the masks and head coverings, and set out to fulfill their mission.

Powers and Abilities

  • Skilled Archer: Ashi has shown to have excellent skills in archery. She is capable to taking care of opponents with the bow while climbing.
  • Skilled Melee Fighter: Ashi and her sisters have become more skilled at close quarters combat than their trainers.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Like Jack, who spent the majority of his life preparing to face Aku, Ashi has spent the most of her life preparing to fight Jack and has honed her body to the absolute limit of human potential.
    • Peak Human Resilience: Ashi has been beaten endlessly throughout her training, hardening her as a warrior.
    • Peak Human Senses: Ashi and her sisters were trained to be able to react to dangers, such as archer fire, by instinct.
    • Peak Human Speed: Ashi is shown to be swift. She is capable dodging arrows while climbing a structure and grabbing one of the fired arrows out the air.
  • Willpower: Ashi seems to possess a will to make up for her mistakes and help her persevere through hardships. As described by her mother, "Aku's fire stirs through all of you."


  • Ashi can be seen as an antithesis to Jack as they were raised to kill him. Similar to how he was trained from childhood to defeat Aku.
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