The Assassin Droids are an army of robots sent by Aku.

Character outline

The Assassin Droids are introduced by Aku as his newest and deadliest assassin robots. They are very slender androids that wield scimitars. They wear featureless bucket-like helmets that can open up from the front, revealing a fearsome face with glowing eyes. Some of them wear red capes. At least one Assassin featured a monitor built into its chest.

Upon getting destroyed, the Assassins can combine into an amalgamation of scrap metal featuring multiple mechanical arms tipped with the Assassins' heads.


Samurai Jack encounters three of those assassins in a tavern during the episode Samurai Versus Samurai. One of them opens its cape, revealing a monitor from which Aku taunts Jack, presenting the robots as his "newest and mightiest assassins" and commanding them to kill him. The three robots whip out scimitars, but are annihilated effortlessly by Jack.

The horde of Assassin Droids

Later, during the "duel" between Jack and Da Samurai, a much bigger army of Assassin Droids emerges from the forest, surrounding the two. Unlike the previous three, these Assassins do not wear capes and dual-wield scimitars. This is the point where they open their helmets, revealing their ghastly faces. Da Samurai attempts to flee, but one of the droids fires a restraining shackle at him, pinning him to the ground. Jack, however, slaughters the entire army wielding nothing but a bamboo stick. This act of bravery makes Da Samurai realize that Jack is a much greater warrior than he is.

Close-up on an Assassin's face

Before Da Samurai can properly thank Jack and apologize for his behavior, the wrecked Assassins combine into a giant mechanical monstrosity. Da Samurai shoves the unwary Jack out of the way of a stun shot, taking it instead. This allows Jack to battle the abomination, using his sword this time. After taking a few attacks from the horror, Jack manages to find an opening and flings his sword into the machine's core, destroying it in a single blow.

Powers and abilities

  • Swordsmanship: The Assassin Droids dual-wielded scimitars, though they were no match for Jack's swordfighting skills.

    The Assassin Amalgamation

  • Shackle Shot: A weapon that fires an energy beam that turns into a heavy set of shackles upon contact with the foe.
  • Undying: Upon destruction, the Assassin Droids can combine to form a giant mechanical monstrosity, using the Assassins' heads to ram, bite and slash foes.
    • Stun Shock: A blast of electricity that temporarily incapacitates foes with pain. Used by the fused form of the Assassins.

The Amalgamation shortly before its destruction

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