The Baby (real name unknown) is a human baby who played a key part in Episode LII: Jack and the Baby.


Revealed to be female during the San-Diego Comic-Con, she is cute, has big blue eyes and wears a diaper.


She is very childish and immature, but understands how Jack communicated to her. However, after witnessing Jack's heroism, her expression turned stern upon receiving sakai, the spirit of a samurai.


Jack rescues a baby and then tries to find the child's mother while caring for it and protecting it from hungry ogres. Jack retells the story of Momotaro to the baby. After returning the baby to its mother, the mother notices the stern face on her baby. Jack apologizes and explains that she now has Sakai or The Spirit of the Samurai. While Jack walks away onto his next destination, the baby looks on and shouts, "MOMOTARO!"

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected her existence in the future, however, it is likely that without Aku, the baby, as she was never saved by Jack, never receives the spirit of the samurai.


  • Despite being confirmed to be a female from the San-Diego Comic Con, Jack referred to the baby as "your son" to the mother. This is during the conversation between the mother and Jack when she was asking what happened to her child to him.
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