The Baby Dragon is the offspring of the Dragon. It only appears in the episode "Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon."


The Baby Dragon is first seen in silhouette form inside of its parent, hiding in its egg and blowing flames. The Baby Dragon was the cause of its parent's distress, as it's flames excited it's liver that caused the large dragon to breathe smoke, decimating the population of the surrounding villages. Jack strapped the dragon, still in its egg, to his back, and attempted to escape the next wave of smoke, but the Baby Dragon blew it's flames at the cloud of smoke, causing an explosion that sent Jack and the baby flying out of the dragon (although which end is unclear).

The baby dragon then wreaks havoc on the townspeople by burning their homes and many of the town's denizens, but they are still grateful and in a celebratory mood because they are finally able to breathe clean air.

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