The Bar Bounty Hunters are minor characters in the fifth season of Samurai Jack.


The Bar Bounty Hunters made their first and only appearance in Episode XCVII, inside Da Samurai's bar but when Ashi came in and yells out that she was looking for Samurai Jack, only to have the Bounty Hunters laughing at her due to the fact that they faced Jack themselves and left the battle in injury. Demongo also insulted them when he walked in and left.

It is unknown how Aku's death in the past affected their existence.

Notable Bounty Hunters

  • Broken Robot Soldier
  • Bandeged Robot
  • Spartan Warrior
  • Tribe Warrior
  • Pop Eye Robot



  • Most of the Bar Bounty Hunters are parodies of characters from other media:
    • The Tribe Warrior resembles Maui from Maona.
    • The Pop Eye Robot based on the old cartoon character Pop Eye, who Ganndy was going to make a movie for, but was scrapped.
  • The Spartan Warrior may of foreshadowed the return of the Spartans in Episode CI.
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