Bloodlust, also known as 'Bad Jack', was one of many forms of Inner Jack and a minor character in Season 5 of Samurai Jack.


Season 1

Bloodlust jack

"Look at you. You survived worse!"

Bloodlust made a cameo in Episode XIII: Aku's Fairy Tales, when Aku was telling a story called 'Jack and the Three Bears' to a bunch of children, Bloodlust was portrayed under the name 'Bad Jack' and was destroying the three bears‘ home in the story.

Season 5

Bloodlust made his first official appearance in Episode XCIV, where he was taunting Jack, asking him what would he do when the Daughters of Aku would find him, asking Jack if he wanted to kill them or if he wanted them to kill him. Bloodlust fleed before the Wolf showed up.

In Episode XCVIII, all of the negative personalities, including Bloodlust, was sealed away after Mad Jack was defeated, leading to Jack getting his sword back.



  • "Look at you. You survived worse!"
  • "This isn't about your pathetic little cut. It's about that girl you killed."
  • "We've never killed a human before, have we? Sure, mountains of robot corpses, but this, this was the first human being. Real flesh and blood."
  • "What happens when the others find you? You'll have to kill them too. Can you?"
  • "Will you be able to when the time comes? Maybe they will kill you, or is that what you want?"


  • Many fans confused Bloodlust to be Mad Jack in Episode XCIV, however this was false as Mad Jack is [Jack's] own burning rage and hatred, while Bloodlust is more manipulative.
    • Bloodlust is said to be the second most warped personallity, the first being Mad Jack.
  • Bloodlust was most likely inspired by 'Bad Jack', a character made up in Aku's Fairy Tales.
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