Boris is a bounty hunter who only appeared in the episode "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters".


Boris is an tall, wide bounty hunter with a Russian accent. He along with others were after the bounty on Jack. When he describe his plan it was simple, Charged at jack, Jack's sword breaks on Boris' belly and Boris "Breaks him, Breaks him, Breaks him!" Mira criticize Boris's plan because he highly underestimate samurai jack's abilities. Later when Mira tells the other bounty hunters her plan Boris was among the others to dig the trap. Boris was among the other bounty hunters to charge at jack he was killed when jack threw Am's mines on Boris when the mines exploded.

Abilities and equipment

Boris lacks intelligence, so he relies on his brute strength, which can be easily defeated by opponents like Mira or Samurai Jack. In combat Boris uses two clubs which he uses to "break" opponents.

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