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Brotok is the Spartan prince and son of King Spartok.


Brotok is first seen in Episode XXV: Jack and the Spartans, where he fights against the Minotaur Robots along with the rest of the Spartan Army: Jack sees him and the others fight bravely, but jumps in Brotok's aid when the robots surround him. Brotok thanks the Samurai by taking him to King Spartok, where Jack learns of the war they are fighting against the Beast. When the king splits up the army in two squads for one final surprise assault, Brotok wants to be at his father's side, but Spartok makes him defend the position, in case something happened to himself and Brotok should take the crown. Many years later, together with his family, he listens to his dying father remembering the helpful stranger fondly and promising the Spartans would always honor his memory.


  • It is possible the Spartan king seen in Episode CI is Brotok, though it's not confirmed and may be one of his successors.