Now, you are balanced.

—Buddhist Monk, Episode XCVIII

The Monk is a minor character in Season 5 of Samurai Jack.


The monk came to Jack in a vision and asked him if he was lost, after Jack told him that he was lost, the monk brought Jack inside to make tea. After Jack made the tea, the monk said that it was terrible and lacked balance, and finds out that Jack himself lacked balance.

This made Mad Jack resurface to take matters into his own hands. He aggressively tried to force the monk to reveal the katana's whereabout and even attempted to slap the monk. When Jack successfully sealed away Mad Jack, the monk told him that he has found balance, thus making him worthy of the katana again.


  • "Are you lost?"
  • "Good, come make tea."
  • "This is terrible."
  • "Yes. Yes. Quites terrible. This tea has all the necessary ingredients, but it lacks the most important one. Balance."
  • "I see why your path to the sword remains clouded."
  • "I cannot. It is not for me to show you your path."
  • "That is something you must earn."
  • "Now you are balanced."

Possible Identity

It is possible that the monk is Rama. This can be seen in these factors.

  • Both Rama and the monk have a tilaka on their forehead.
  • The monk is a Buddhist. Buddhism was founded by Gautama Buddha, believed by some to be one of Vishnu's avatars.
  • Jack's spiritual test involved a tea ceremony. Both Japanese and Indian cultures have their own tea ceremony.
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