Now, you are balanced.

—Buddhist Monk, Episode XCVIII

The Buddhist Monk is a minor character in Season 5 of Samurai Jack.


The Buddhist Monk came to Jack in a vision and asked him is he was lost, after Jack told him that he was lost, the Monk brought Jack inside to make tea. after Jack made the tea the Monk said that it was terrible and lacks balance and finds out the Jack himself lacked balance.

This made Mad Jack resurface to stop jack from reclaiming his Katana, after Mad Jack's death, the Monk found Jack to be balanced once again to reclaim his Katana.


  • "Are you lost?"
  • "Good, come make tea."
  • "This is terrible."
  • "All the necessary ingredient's are there, but lake the most impotent one. Balance!"
  • "I see why your quest to find your sword remains clouded."
  • "It is not for me to tell you your destiny."
  • "Now you are balanced."


  • The Buddhist Monk is one of the only one-time characters to be an ally to Jack in Season 5. Another is the Emoji Family.
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