The Chritchellites are a species of short, blue-skinned aliens that came from outer space, who captured and enslaved the Woolies.


They all have the same ocean-blue skin color, wear white suits with visor glasses attached, which vary in color depending on their rank. All of the Chritchellites also carry high technology staves resembling tridents, capable of deriving powerful electric shock attacks from the top of the staves.

These painful staves, and their superior technology in general, is what gave them power enough to easily overcome, enslave and freely torture all of the physically much stronger Woolies.

A group of Critchellites

However, when Samurai Jack realized that the Chritchellites had only evil intentions, he helped the Woolies break free from their miserable conditions as slaves, and together they defeated the Chritchellites, thankfully reclaiming their ancient village.

It is unknown what has become of them in the altered future after Aku was destroyed in the past.


  • A Chritchellite appears briefly in the opening theme for Seasons 1-4.
  • Jack's electric trident from Season 5 has a very similar appearance and utility to the ones the Chritchellites use, albeit longer and more deadly.
  • Every Chritchellite is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Samurai Jack releasing the Woolies from the aliens was mentioned by them when Ashi searched for Samurai Jack.
  • The leader of the Chritchellites wears an orange visor.
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