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The Cranky Wizard is a character in "Episode XXVII: Chicken Jack". He was voiced by Billy West.

Character Outline

The Wizard bears a resemblance to the stereotypical wizard, with long white beard, cloak, and pointed hat. He appears to care for his black nails, which become jagged and broken when he uses his transformation abilities.

Little is known about the Wizard other than his dislike of manicures and people who bump into him, though he was also shown to be largely indifferent to whether the offender was apologetic or hostile; he was angry either way. He also seems to have a nasty reputation, as everyone fearfully gave him a wide berth when he walked through the city. This implies that he either lives in the city or regularly goes through it.


One day found the wizard going through a city, everyone around him backing off to avoid touching him. However, Jack accidentally backed into him while leaving a roadside kiosk and, oblivious to Jack's apologies, the wizard retaliated by zapping him with his magic, turning him into a chicken. He ranted briefly about people bumping into him, then groaned as he resigned himself to getting another manicure.

Sometime later, Jack's captor Cacciatore bumped into him and snapped at the wizard to watch where he was going. The wizard retaliated by zapping them, which turned Cacciatore into a chicken and returned Jack to his human state. By the time Jack realized what had happened, the Wizard had already stormed off into the city.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

Powers and Abilities

The Wizard uses his powers on Jack.

  • Teleportation: The Cranky Wizard was shown to be able to teleport at will.
  • Transformation powers: The Cranky Wizard was able to turn anybody into chickens and back again. This was first seen when Jack accidentally bumped into him. The magic seems somewhat inconsistent on clothing and effects; Jack's Katana and his gi disappeared when he was transformed and reappeared when he was transformed back, while Cacciatore's newly bought fancy suit changed to fit his chicken form perfectly.


  • He seems to be mentally unstable, rather than simplycranky. Jack apologized for bumping into him, and the wizard retaliated, saying "That's it!", as if people had been pestering him all day, when everyone actually just avoids him; Cacciatore got in a long rant before the wizard zapped him and Jack. He didn't even notice what he'd done by restoring Jack.