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The Creature Combat Club is a club found in the Sub City that appeared in "Episode XXVII: Chicken Jack."

The Club is an arena where people use their pet animals to challenge other opponent's pets. The battle area is a large cuboid hole in which the animals are placed at with a rule of only a one on one match. The player must simply set the cage of their animal down with a rope, and then release it from the cage. After that, the opponent will do the same and the animals will battle to the death. After that, a cleaner will come and remove the corpse of the fallen creature. The owner of the winner will obtain profits from those who bet on it.

Jack (who was transformed into a chicken) was taken by a man who plays at the club. In the club, Jack battled many different animals from a sneaky beetle droid to a large filthy rat.

This establishment was presumably erased from existence after Jack destroyed the past Aku.

Recent known creatures:

A robot similar to Aku's beetle drones only in miniature size. It is capable of attacking with its front pincers, flying and laser eyes.

A robot cobra that attacks extremely similar to actual snakes, although due to the mass of the devices inside it, the mechanical snake is slightly slower than real snakes. Jack dodges the cobra's bites and throws it at a wall. The snake wraps its tail around Jack, pins him down and begins constricting him. When it opens its mouth to bite again, Jack grabs a pincer next to his head and puts it in the snake's mouth. The snake is unable to close its mouth and loosens its coils around Jack. He escapes, jumps onto the snake's head and shuts its mouth. The pincer impales its head and oil sprays everywhere before the snake's red eyes shut off.

An alien animal that has four pairs of skinny legs, a round head, no body and one large eye. This vicious creature attacks with its sharp claws, and capable of spitting sticky rubber web to its prey.

A large worm that has antenna eyes and a round shaped mouth. This animal burrows underground and surprise attack from the ground. its blood is extremely toxic and will melt almost any material.

A large rat that is shown to be filthy and hideous. The rat usually preforms a noise that it makes with its tongue. It attacks its prey by jumping on it and biting it to death. When Jack squeezed the Mutant Earthworm's body and sprayed its toxic blood at the rat, it was revealed that the rat was actually a robot in a rat costume.

A robot centipede that was seen briefly being thrown against a wall.