Cronus is a Greek Titan which made his first appearance in Episode XXXIV: Jack and the Swamp Monster.


Cronus was the ruler of the Titans and lord of human time; i.e. days, months, years, etc. He had bright blue skin, a white beard and mustache, black eyes with red irises, a golden helmet, and always wore a brooding expression.


Eons ago, before even Aku, the cosmos was ruled by the Titans and they by their ruler Cronus, the most powerful Titan and controller of time. During his reign, he crafted the Gems of Cronus, which gave him power over reality itself; however, Cronus went mad due to his arrogance and paranoia, which made him devour all of his children as soon as they were born so that none of them could overthrow him, although disgorge the contents of his stomach, saving them. But in the end he was stopped by his son Zeus, and stripped of the gems, which were cast down to Earth.

He was later revived by Aku after he had tricked Jack to collect the Gems of Cronus. In his new form he lacked a face and seemed to be obedient to the one who revived him, as he immediately heeded Aku's order to destroy the Samurai. However, Jack was aware of the deception all along and quickly snatched the Eye of Cronus, which later caused the Titan's body to dissolve.

Powers and Equipment

  • Reality Warping: Thanks to the powers of the Gems, Cronus could bend time and space to his whim, giving him the ability to nearly do anything he desired.
  • Immortality: He is ageless and eternal as expected from a divine being.
  • Time Manipulation: Though never truly touched on, Cronus had the ability to manipulate time, enabling him to go forward or backwards in time.


  • Cronus, or Kronos, the father of Zeus and the Olympian deities, is not the same as Chronos, the Greek personification of time.
  • In the original mythology, Cronus is the Titan of Harvest.


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