The Cult of Aku is an all-female cult that worships Aku, conducting ceremonies and wearing female outfits resembling him. Their leader, the High Priestess, gave birth to female septuplets, who she and the cultists raised to be elite assassins known as the Daughters of Aku, created solely to kill Samurai Jack.


All of the members wear black cloaks with identical white masks concealing their faces. They also wear headdresses that resemble Aku's horns.


Not much is known about how the cult was started, but due to their devotion to Aku, they despise Jack just as much as he does. When Aku first visited the coven in their temple, he was impressed by the statue they had constructed in his likeness. Aku decided to "bless" them by dripping a portion of himself into a chalice. The High Priestess drank the entire chalice and thus became impregnated with human-demon hybrid septuplets. Even Aku himself was surprised when he accurately figured out of what has happened. Towards the end of their training, the Daughters of Aku were made to kill most of the cult as a test of their skills.

It is presumed that with the past Aku's destruction, this cult ceases to exist in the future after Jack and Ashi altered the timeline.



  • The cult is a strange phenomenon in the Samurai Jack world since everyone in the world and the universe fear, hate and despise Aku due to his massive cruelty, brutality and tyranny. It is unknown why the cult worships a demonic entity like Aku. As Aku seemingly entered into a depressed semi-reclusion some time in the last 50 years and takes little notice of the cult, it seems that his absence might have inspired reactionaries.
    • It is revealed in episode C that Aku did indeed visit the cult once, and gave them a portion of himself as a "blessing".
    • Furthermore, after bestowing them a portion of his essence, Aku addresses the Cult as "Daughters of Aku" when he permitted them to worship him.
  • They are also known as the Daughters of Aku.
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