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DJ Stylbator, also known as Music Maker Man, was one of Aku's minions. He appeared in Episode XXVIII: Jack and the Rave.

Сharacter Outline

Stylbator is a loyal minion of Aku. He has pink skin, wears a torn green shirt, pants, no nose or ears, sunglasses and headphones shaped like Aku's horns. He also speaks like a teenager saying words like "whatever" and "bad".


In the episode "Jack and the Rave", DJ Stylbator used his hypnotic music to control the teenagers of a nearby village. He would order the "Children of Aku" to raid the village every night.

Upon learning this from a sorrowful innkeeper (whose daughter was one of the teenagers under the DJ's control), Jack infiltrates the rave to free them, donning a disguise that he stole from one of the rave-goers. When he arrived, he encountered Stylbator (though Jack initially thought he was Aku due to his headphones). He began making his way towards the DJ, and when he was close, began pondering his options. Stylbator spotted Jack at that time, scrutinizing him due to him not dancing, and immediately discerned Jack's identity when he noticed the sword. He then changed the music and ordered the teenagers to attack Jack, but Jack fights his way past them and confronts Stylbator. After some heated words, the two fought it out. Though Stylbator holds his own with martial arts, Jack gains the upper hand.

As a final resort, Stylbator activates his wristband and creates a giant robot from his record table and amplifiers. Using his robot suit, Stylbator overpowers and nearly kills Jack, but Jack soon regains his strength and defeats Stylbator by destroying his music equipment, knocking the hypnotic DJ unconscious and releasing the teenagers from Stylbator's music. Jack ordered the teenagers to return to their homes and never listen to the evil music ever again.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence in the future.

Powers and Abilities


  • Hypnotic Music: By using specialized records, Stylbator could control anyone who heard his music and make them do whatever he wanted. However this music only had an effect on children, leaving the adults unaffected.
  • Capoeira Expert: Stylbator was an experienced martial artist who fought evenly with Jack using capoeira, a style similar to break-dancing.
  • Laser Tooth: Stylbator's gold tooth has a built-in laser to attack opponents from a distance.
  • Giant Robot: As a last ditch effort, Stylbator can use the remote on his wrist to create a giant robot made up of loudspeakers and his record table to fight. It had super strength and could fire a multitude of lasers and bullets.


  • Though the ravers later appeared in Season 5, where they sang about Jack's heroics, DJ Stylbator did not reappear.
  • DJ Stylbator is the first villain to use music as a weapon, followed by Jujunga as the second, third the Sirens, and then Scaramouche.