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The Daughters of Aku are seven human women who serve as Aku's assassins during the events of Season 5.


All of the members of the Daughters of Aku shared the same appearance. All of them have big eyes and wear a black latex suit. When in undercover, they usually wear a mask to conceal their own identities.

The only difference of all members of Daughters of Aku is that all of them have different hairstyles.


The seven daughters were birthed from The High Priestess who is the leader of an all female cult of Aku, and raised as assassins by them, to do what no other fighter could do, destroy Jack. They were put through the most brutal of training, designed to sculpt them into the ultimate warriors, such as facing a hulking, muscle bound opponent when they were mere children. When their training was complete, they donned the masks and head coverings, and set out to fulfill their mission.



  • Grey DeLisle does the voice of their leader.
  • They can be seen as an antithesis to Jack as they were raised to kill him. Similar to how he was trained from childhood to defeat Aku.
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