The more essence I take, the more powerful I become, my mast-aa. I cannot be defeated.

—Demongo, Episode XXIII: Jack versus Demongo, The Soul Collector

Demongo, also known as The Soul Collector, was one of Aku's strongest minions and was a soul or essence collector. He was sent after Jack after he managed to stay alive after Aku's constant attempts on his life.


Demongo is similar to his master, Aku, as he is completely evil, but is more cowardly than his master is. He does not fight his own battles, but summons the essence of mighty warriors to fight for him. Demongo is obsessed with collecting the essence of powerful warriors and beasts for increasing his own power. However, he likely did have some level of formidable ability, as he most likely had to defeat at least one powerful warrior to begin his collection. He sees Samurai Jack as just another potential addition to his collection. It's possible that he hides aspirations of succeeding or even overthrowing Aku, as suggested when he claims that Jack is too great for his master to destroy, but not for him. His voice is quite high-pitched and whenever he says "master", he says it like "mast-aa", with the final syllable almost in a whisper.


Like Aku, Demongo was spawned from the Pit of Hate. He was likely created by Aku to collect the essence of warriors, as some of them were once "thorns on Aku's side", and then enslave them to do their captor's biddings as obedient minions.

Demongo manages to survive a little longer than other villains (besides Aku) in the series. After Jack frees the souls entrapped within him, they are resurrected as flesh and blood warriors, rendering him weak and powerless. The only power that might remain is his teleportation. When this happened, he was confronted by the now-living warriors and was quickly overwhelmed and killed. His essence was then absorbed by Aku into a glass skull. Demongo (as an essence) begged Aku for forgiveness, but Aku refused, crushed his prison and vowed to find another way to defeat the samurai. (Episode XXIII: Jack versus Demongo, The Soul Collector)

Demongo returns in Episode XCVII having somehow survived when he enters the Da Samurai's bar while he explains his story to Ashi. He states that he is searching for the essence of powerful warriors to steal, but upon seeing the deteriorated state of the bar's occupants, comments that there were none at the bar and leaves. (Episode XCVII)

He was presumably erased from existence after the destruction of Aku in the past, since he was seemingly his creation.

Powers and Abilities

  • Soul Absorption: Demongo's main ability allows him to absorb the souls or "essence" of defeated warriors. Each soul manifests as a skull on his upper torso; when he wants to call upon a warrior, he detaches the skull and strikes it with a beam from his hands, causing the stored essence to form the warrior's body. As long as the victim's soul is bound to him, Demongo can manifest and reabsorb their essence as many times as he wishes, effectively giving him an immortal army that can wear down his foes through attrition.
    • Soul Binding: Demongo controls his captured souls by trapping them within his body. When Jack enters the villain's body by piggybacking on the essence of a defeated warrior, the souls are represented by blue-tinted images of their living selves, sitting in a circle of blue fire. By breaking the circle (presumably with the help of his evil-destroying sword), Jack was able to break Demongo's control over the souls, forcing him to release them.
  • Teleportation: Demongo is capable of teleporting from one place to another at astonishing rates.
  • Resurrection: When Jack released Demongo's hold on his victims' souls, they were restored to life rather than passing on. It is unclear if Demongo could do this willingly or not. Demongo himself was shown to be back in the world of the living in Episode XCVll, long after Aku executed him for his failure; this may be a trait of his demonic nature.


  • "What is thy bidding, my Mast-aa?!"
  • "The more essence I take, the more powerful I become, my mast-aa. I cannot be defeated."
  • "Samurai Jack? A prize indeed. The greatest of all warriors."
  • "It is as good as done, my Mast-aa!"
  • "You are mistaken."
  • I am the dealer of destruction the merchant of doom and I seek you, Samurai Jack."
  • "Aku has sent me to destroy you."
  • "No, Mast-aa. Please, forgive me!"
  • "I have returned!"
  • "I, Demongo, have come to collect the souls of the greatest warriors!"
  • "But, I see, I have come to the wrong place!"


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