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Demongo's Army are a group of minor antagonists in Samurai Jack. As the name suggests, they are an army of mighty warriors whose essence has been captured by Demongo, allowing him to summon them at will.


During Aku's reign of terror, Demongo sought out the strongest fighters and beasts in the universe, capturing their essence to enslave them to his will. When Aku sent Demongo to capture Jack's essence, Demongo summoned his legion of warriors to defeat Jack on his behalf. Although Jack's skill and magic sword proved more than enough to defeat any of Demongo's minions, the villain's control over their essence allowed him to summon and re-summon them infinitely, threatening to defeat the samurai through attrition alone.

Eventually, realizing that he needed to cut off Demongo's powers at the source, Jack grabbed the essence of a defeated minion and used it to enter Demongo's body, where he found the souls of the enslaved warriors. Using his sword, Jack freed the trapped warriors from Demongo's thrall, allowing them to regain their bodies and escape from their captor. They were last seen gathering around the now-powerless Demongo, preparing to exact their revenge.


Demongo's Army consisted of a wide array of creatures with an equally-varied array of weapons and powers. Most of them appeared to be quite frail, requiring only a few hits from Jack before disintegrating back into essence; however, Demongo could simply reabsorb the essence and summon his minions anew.

Major members of Demongo's Army include:

  • Titan, a colossal, three-eyed alien.
  • A samurai with a colorful mask and a naginata.
  • A knight-like warrior whose hands were replaced with spiked balls on retractable metal chains.
  • A ferocious blue alien resembling a humanoid tiger with an orange beard.
  • A four-armed warrior dressed like a figure from Hindu mythology, wielding four different weapons at once.
  • A mechanical being with machine guns for hands.
  • A fat green alien resembling a humanoid turtle that speaks in a high-pitched voice.
  • A mummy-like warrior that can throw shuriken at a rapid pace.
  • A giant crab alien.
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