The Dominator was a villain who appeared in "Episode XCVI".


The Dominator was a villain who kidnapped an entire community of furry blue alien children and imprisoned them inside a factory. He also surgically implanted special chips in their necks which would result in the children becoming extremely violent after the right audio frequency was used on them, changing how their brains would normally function and turning them into blood-thirsty creatures.

He forced the kids into attacking Jack and Ashi by activating the chips shortly after finding out that they had entered the factory. Jack sent Ashi to find the source and tried to outrun the alien children by himself.

The Dominator captured Ashi before she could accomplish her mission and started torturing her by shocking her while telling her about what he did to the aliens and how children could be easily manipulated. This reminded Ashi of how her sisters and herself were used as tools by their mother, which made her mad and gave her enough motivation to overcome 10,000 volts of electroshock, break free and kill him by throwing him into the control panel, causing it to explode.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence in the future.


The Dominator wore a red, metallic suit with a metallic helmet for most of his screen time. This suit probably made him look much more bulky than he really was. His face was seen for a short amount of time after Ashi removed his helmet before killing him. He was a grown man with a red nose, gapped teeth, pink skin, brown hair and a brown mustache.

The Dominator's face before he is killed by Ashi.


The Dominator appeares to have a sly and intensely sadistic personality, since he kidnapped and enslaved a group of alien children without showing them any remorse before forcing them to kill any intruder. Furthermore, he clearly enjoyed torturing Ashi and made fun of Jack for refusing to take the lives of the innocent.

He also seemed to be lecherous, as he touched Ashi's face several times against her will and made remarks about her attractiveness.

Powers and abilities

  • Powered Armor: The Dominator wears a futuristic suit of armor.
    • Electric Blasts: The Dominator's armor allows him to fire arcs of electricity. He mostly uses this ability for torture, but can also use it offensively in battle.
  • Brilliant Scientist: The Dominator used a variety of machinery and was able to completely change a creature's behavior using implanted chips. Assuming he built his armor and developed these chips himself, he must be a very skilled engineer and scientist.
  • Skilled Tactician: The Dominator intentionally took advantage of Samurai Jack's unwillingness to hurt innocent people by brainwashing the alien children. Had Ashi not been present, he would likely have defeated Jack.
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