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This article features Easter eggs featured in the series or in other media, such as parodies, comics, TV or movies.

In Samurai Jack

Here is a list of Easter eggs which were referenced or parodied in Samurai Jack.

  • In Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack, a dog similar to Big Dog from 2 Stupid Dogs appears among the canine archaeologists working at the excavation site.
  • Also in Episode II, a billboard resembling one seen in The Powerpuff Girls is seen, as well as a shot of the town being excavated looking similar to Townsville.
  • In Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack, a bounty hunter resembling Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise appears.
    • Huntor from Dexter's Laboratory also appears as a bounty hunter.
  • In Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon, the Scissorsmith tells Jack which path leads to the "dragon's lair." When Jack asks where the other path goes, he says "Space Ace!" This is a reference to the Don Bluth-animated video games Dragon's Lair and Space Ace.
  • Episode XXIV: Jack Is Naked is largely based on Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland.
    • The centipede train, with its trackball controls and 8-bit sound effects, is a reference to the arcade game Centipede.
  • The Creature from Episode XXXIII: Jack and the Creature is based on Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki's film My Neighbor Totoro. Similarly, the Crystal of Cagliostro references the Miyazaki films The Castle in the Sky and The Castle of Cagliostro.
  • In Episode XLV: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 1, an alien resembling Greedo from the Star Wars franchise appears aboard the ship where Jack is serving drinks.
  • Episode XLVII: Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess has several similarities to the Star Wars franchise, and in particular to the first two films in the series.
  • In Episode XXIX: Couple on a Train, characters resembling Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey appear aboard the train; they even address each other by these names.
  • Rough Dogs
    In Episode XCVII, three dog thugs appear; one looks similar to Big Dog from 2 Stupid Dogs, another looks similar to Dynomutt from Dynomutt, Dog Wonder and later from Dexter's Laboratory, as well as Astro from The Jetsons, and the third looks similar to Spike Bulldog from Tom & Jerry.
  • Also in Episode XCVII, a customer at the bar who was previously beaten by Jack strongly resembles Popeye the Sailor, and even says that Jack "busted (his) eye."

In Other Media

  • Duck Dodgers made a parody episode of Samurai Jack, with the title Samurai Quack. This typically follows Duck Dodgers, after eating ingesting improperly prepared sushi, sends himself into a fever dream where he's a samurai master, battling a sorcerer who resembles his clock.
    • Similarly, Mako provided the voice for Aku's Duck Dodgers counterpart, while Genndy Tartakovsky himself voiced a pirate who told Daffy (as Samurai Dodgers) defeat the sorcerer.
    • Furthermore, this episode shares with this TV show itself implying that Jack never defeated Aku, which could be seen a common running gag on this series during Cartoon Network's run.
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