Episode V: Jack in Space[1] is the fifth episode in the first season of Samurai Jack. Jack must protect a group of human scientists trying to flee Earth by fighting Aku's forces in space.


Jack arrives at a waterfall and starts drinking from it when he is pursued by Mantoids. When he jumps over a rock to stumble onto a facility operated by scientists which the robots following Jack also discovered. The Robots upon analyzing the facility declare that the scientists are guilty of breaking Aku law 101, unauthorized facility and 203, unauthorized escape vehicle and declared the punishment is extermination. The Mantoids then attack the facility and the scientist causing Jack to intercept and destroy one of them causing the other to shoot at Jack who makes the second one destroy the third then slices the head of the second one causing it to launch into the air.

One of the scientists calculates an extremely low chance of escaping causing one of them called Frederick to cry in his suit, while a more youthful scientist tries to calm him down. The scientists discuss the matter as a female technician explains that Aku's space forces are surrounding the escape route. Jack apologizes for unwittingly exposing the facility and offers help when the same scientist suggests much improved odds of escaping with him on board. Jack explains that he can't fly which the scientists offer to help.

Jack goes through a rigorous exercise program and is placed in a space suit with a jetpack attached to his back. Jack's first experience with the jetpack was met with issues but after cutting down some trees he manages to get the hang of it. The youthful scientist tells the technician to send in the drones to Jack which he cuts down effortlessly.

While the scientists are ecstatic about the prospect of a new home, Jack is more sorrowful about home. The scientists suggest to him lightspeed that offers the prospect of time travel that could send him back to his own time period. They explain that Jack must be in the escape pod just as they hit lightspeed and the rest will take care of itself. Jack agrees and the youthful scientist proposes launch tomorrow morning, but Jack suggests sooner as Aku's robots were closing in on the facility. By the time they arrive at dusk, the rocket launches. As the rocket reaches the upper atmosphere, some of the scientists are fine, while Jack finds it uncomfortable. They soon reach space showing a cup of tea and its contents floating in front of Jack.

The scientists approach Aku's blockade and bring Jack to the airlock. The scientists remind Jack that he must be in the pod as they make the warp jump. Jack jumps out into space and flies escort, as the first wave of Space Drones which are Tick Drones attach to the hull and start to drill into the hull as Jack destroys multiple drones. Jack first slices of the bodies of the drones to find that their heads are still drilling through. Remembering a bug can be stopped from digging into the flesh with a hot stick, Jack heats up his sword and stabs the heads of the ticks to finish them of. Jack then fights off Mosquito drones that were stealing fuel from the ship, even kicking one attempting to stab into him back into space.

The final wave consists of Hornet Drones that launched guided missiles at Jack who dodged them easily, only to be told by Frederick what they are and allowed them to chase him as another wave is launched, Jack then makes them hit each other. Jack destroys some of the Hornet Drones but others managed to launch more missiles which Jack uses against them, after significant losses the rest withdraw. Jack returns to his pod but as they prepare the jump the remaining Hornet drones combine to create a giant gun. Jack sees this and leaves his pod to intercept, against the scientists' wishes. Leaving no choice, the scientists prepare the jump as Jack draws out his sword and, as the sword intercepts the laser projectile, the ship jumps into light speed. The laser is bounced back to the gun destroying it. The blast radius sends Jack back to Earth.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


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