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"Be Careful, Samurai."
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"Episode XCVIII" is the fifty-ninth episode of Samurai Jack and the seventh episode of Season 5.


Jack and Ashi have to overcome a series of intense trials; both physical and spiritual, in order to recover Jack's mystical sword from the endless abyss.


The episode began with a flashback scene from Jack explaining to Ashi how he failed going back to the past and lost his sword. As he reached to the mountain acquainted with three sheeps, he jumped into the time portal but was pulled back by Aku, who later on destroyed the time portal. This had led Jack to become angry, causing an intimidating fight with Aku, killed his sheeps, after they were changed into monsters by Aku, and causing the katana to fall into the pit.

In the present, Jack and Ashi are on a journey to the pit where the katana was last seen but failed. As he couldn't find the katana physically, he will have to go through spiritrually by meditating. Ashi wanted to join but Jack refused, assinging Ashi to protect him. As Jack continued his journey to claim back the Katana, meanwhile, an army of zombies have arrived to kill Samurai Jack.

After finally arriving at a spiritual place, Jack found a teacher



  • Jack reunites with his katana this episode.
    • It is reveled that Jack lost his Katana after dropping it near a pit when a pillar collapsed on him, causing the sword to fall into the endless pit.
  • Mad Jack reappears.
  • The High Priestess is supposedly killed by Ashi.
    • Though her body is never shown, meaning she might have gotten away.
  • As confirmed by the High Priestess, the other six Daughters of Aku are confirmed to be dead at this point.
  • This episode features the most on screen confirmed kills, with several hundred or even over a thousand of the lizard army brutally slaughtered by Ashi.
  • This episode is marks the return of Odin, Ra, and Rama


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