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"Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman"[1] is the eleventh episode in the first season of Samurai Jack. This episode featured the story of how Jack and the Scotsman first met on a seemingly never ending bridge and end up shackled together and attempting to escape a group of bounty hunters.


This story begins with Jack journeying across mist covered hills until discovering a long, narrow bridge and after traveling on it for a day, Jack continued his trek until he heard a somewhat distant melody, which soon turned into irritating din, emanating from the Scotsman's bagpipes. Jack then politely requested that the Scotsman cease, asking him if he was near to the end of the bridge, unfortunately however, the Scotsman revealed that he himself had been traveling across it for days. After asking the Scotsman to stand aside so that he may cross, Jack's request was staunchly refused by the stubborn man. The Scotsman then continued in a slowly growing tirade (due to a misunderstanding on his part) that Jack should be the one to stand aside due to his belief that the Samurai was being rude and self important, and that they should both be equals. When Jack attempted to diffuse the situation, the Scotsman took it as an insult towards his intelligence.

Although this did not deter Jack, who then selflessly suggested that he hang on the planks below, however this instead had an adverse reaction, resulting in the Scotsman stating Jack's motives were rather impure. Instead, the Scotsman believed that they should settle the argument with a fight to the finish, although when Jack refused, the Scotsman launched into a barrage of insults with renewed vigor, that mainly consisted of nonsensical slur aside from those directed at Jack's wardrobe, such as referring to Jack's sword as a butter knife and his hat as a basket. When finally beginning his attack, the Scotsman managed to push through Jack's block long enough to slice his hat in two, when jokingly suggesting that he holds a moment of silence for it and play a melancholy melody with his bagpipes, Jack pays him back by stabbing the instrument, and rendering it useless, this resulted in a full on battle between the two, with neither besting the other. The duel continued until the next day, where the two warriors were left exhausted yet still in the mood for battle, however this was cut short when a group of bounty hunters arrived almost without warning.

Jack attempts the tremendous horse cut technique.

Jack's hat...

...and the Scotsman's bagpipes

As the bounty hunters approach the two, both were in argument over who they were after and failed to prevent themselves from being shackled together. After attempting to escape over two different sides of the bridge, Jack slashed at the planks beneath their feet, causing them plummet into the marsh below and the bounty hunters' vehicles to be destroyed in a head-on collision. Once reaching land, and narrowly escaping from the bounty hunters once again, the two warriors reach an abandoned settlement, where, to his dismay, the Scotsman found a wanted poster of Jack posted on the wall. However this was short lived as the bounty hunters quickly approached, when fruitlessly attempting to hide the pair attempted to attack their predators, although they had settled their differences, Jack and the Scotsman could not fight to their full extent and after dispatching a philosophical notion in regards to how a bow and arrow work in conjunction yet not separately. Once seeing an opportunity, the two escaped their shackles by jumping in

Jack and the Scotsman fighting together.

between the giant bullet fired at them, shattering their chains. Finally released, the formidable pair showcased their abilities by destroying their assailants easily. With the battle over, Jack and the Scotsman had a newfound respect for one another unfortunately however due to it each man insisting on buying the other a drink, this sparked the beginning of their rivalry and friendship


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • The episode is available as a bonus on The Premiere Movie DVD.
  • The overall stylistic "theme" of the episode reflects the aesthetics of the American South, such as the Zydeco music, the "hillbilly" bounty hunters, the Louisiana-style swamp, the outhouse that Jack and the Scotsman hide in, the alligator robots, and so on.
  • During the Scotsman's lengthy insult to Jack, he incorporates insults from the Scots language such as "gomeril [dog]", "jessie [effeminate man]", and "stauner [idler, lit. "stander"]".


  • Scotsman: By the look on your face I can tell you like the pipes, wee laddie.
  • Jack: You mistake my comment, sir!
    Scotsman: Doo Iii?! Yer think I'm dumb, too?
    Jack: No, I... look. We are both in a hurry, so I shall hang from these planks and you may walk right over.
    Scotsman: So you get to peek up me kilt?
    Jack: That is not what I am suggesting.
    Scotsman: So ya say ya plucky-face hinoot.
  • Jack: I fear no man.
    Scotsman: Oh, that's some tough talk from someone who wears a basket on his head.
  • Scotsman: What do you think of that, Mr. Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Stauner, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Soy-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tattie?
  • [Jack and the Scotsman have been fighting all night and are exhausted.]
    Scotsman: Are ye ready to give up yet?
    Jack: I am not defeated, and I will hold my ground.
    Scotsman: Hold yer ground, ye can barley hold yer sword.
    Jack: Then come get me.
    Scotsman: Wha-? I... [Struggles with his sword and gives up.] Seeing as I'm a sportsman, I'll give ye a moment to recuperate.
  • Jack: We are in no condition to fight these odds.
    Scotsman: [Gruffly.] Especially not with a pajama wearin' daisy strapped to me wrist.
  • Jack: [Shackled to the Scotsman.] The arrow relies on the bow, and the bow relies on the arrow, but they are not tied together.
    Scotsman: That would be pointless, now wouldn't it?