"Episode XLVI: The Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2"[1] is the forty-sixth episode in the fourth season of Samurai Jack. This two part episode featured The Scotsman continuing his mission of attempting to recover Jack's lost memories.


Having bought passage on a ship to the Great Unknown in the previous episode, The Scotsman and Brent embark on a perilous (and in Brent's case, nauseating) voyage. When the ship reaches the Great Unknown, the captain expresses his concern for the eerily calm waters. Brent decides to break the tension by serving drinks to everyone. The ship soon sails into a thick fog, and the captain warns everyone to stay alert. After a long silence, everyone starts to hear the sound of someone singing. The Scotsman hates the sound, but everyone else seems to be hypnotized by it. The captain sleepily orders the helmsman to steer towards the singing, which he does. The Scotsman, realizing he's getting closer to solving the mystery of Jack's lost memories, smiles and waits to see what happens next.

The ship gets out of the fog and an island with comes into view. There is a mountain shaped like a head on the island, and there are shipwrecks in the surrounding waters. Unnoticed by Brent and the crew, the ship runs into the beach, and everyone under the song's influence disembarks holding tribute. The Scotsman follows them into a cave, which ends in a cavern full of treasure. There, the Scotsman sees it was the The Sirens singing. Their slaves consist a myriad of sea-faring people, including vikings, pirates, naval officers, cruise employees, and even robots. The Sirens notice that the angry Scotsman isn't under their spell, and ask why. The Scotsman replies that he hates their voices and their singing could never hope to match the voice of his wife. He then demands to know what they did to Jack's mind. They recall that Jack was a troublesome man who tried to free the other slaves from their control. They managed to wipe his mind and condemn him to a life as a wandering fool, keeping his gi and sword as trophies.

Now angrier than ever, the Scotsman engages the Sirens with his gun leg and grenades. The Sirens prove difficult to hit, but he does not relent in his attack. The Sirens soon change their tune in order to send their slaves to attack the Scotsman. Unwilling to harm their innocent victims, the Scotsman tries to snap them out of it by telling them to drown out the terrible song. Suddenly, the Scotsman realizes that he was capable of playing "better" music that could free everyone's enslaved minds. He pulls out his bagpipes, takes and deep breath, and plays incredibly loud music. Everyone, including the Sirens, cover their ears in order to shut out the sound of the bagpipes. The Scotsman's plan works (after a fashion), and everyone the Sirens enslaved come back to their senses. Unable to bear the Scotsman's interference any longer, the three Sirens merge into a three-headed serpent. They wrap their coils around the Scotsman, still playing his bagpipes, and begin to crush him to death. "Brent" gazes at the sword and gi and remembers who he is: Samurai Jack. He quickly changes into his old clothes and saves the Scotsman by slicing off all three of the monsters heads in one blow. Glad to be back to his old self again, Jack expresses his eternal gratitude to the Scotsman.

The Scotsman recounts the adventure to Jack, who doesn't seem to remember his time as "Brent" and finds the story very amusing. Their spirits are dampened when they see every ship and boat has left without them. Momentarily incensed at everyone's ingratitude, the Scotsman sees a rowboat the two of them can use. They soon find themselves bickering over who gets the honor of rowing them back, and decide to settle the matter with a contest. Jack points to a rock and suggests a contest of strength. Remembering the last time Jack partook in such a contest, the Scotsman says that Jack would have to play by the rules this time around. Each man gets a pebble and must try to throw it farther than their opponent's. While the Scotsman throws his far out into the water, Jack gets his farther by skipping his pebble across the surface of the water. The Scotsman demands best two out of three with a race around the island. The Scotsman gets a head start, but Jack still manages to pass him  cross the line drawn in the sand with time to spare. Though exhausted, the Scotsman refuses to give up easily.

Many other contests are held, with Jack managing to win them all. Their last competition boils down to an all-or-nothing round of thumb-wrestling. The competition is fierce, and the Scotsman almost manages to win. However, Jack manages to snatch victory once again in an upset, and the Scotsman concedes defeat. The two rivals get in the boat, with Jack rowing the sulking Scotsman back to the mainland.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


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