Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback[1] is the sixteenth episode in the second season of Samurai Jack. The episode features Jack being captured and thrown into a battle area, where he must fight numerous champions in order to survive the Dome of Doom.


The story begins in the middle of a quiet forest where Jack is taking a rest. The beautiful scenery of nature was enough to make Jack tired and fall into a pleasant sleep. However his rest is cut short when he noticed mysterious creatures in armor surrounding him at all sides. Before he could draw his sword, Jack was instantly knocked unconscious. The scene switches to a desert location where Jack is involved in a chain gang of warriors. The warriors are forced to walk through sun scorched land until they come across a massive dome. Once they have entered, the warriors are placed into small chambers as prisoners. Inside, Jack struggles to break from his chains, but to no avail. One of the prisoners warns Jack that it is hopeless to escape, and when daybreak comes he will fight and be no more. Another prisoner confirms the warning to Jack and tell him that none can survive in the Dome of Doom.

In the next scene, morning arrives and Jack in awaken by unknown cheering. He overhears several warriors being defeated by the twelve-time champion of the dome, "Gordo the Gruesome". Finally, it is Jack's turn to fight Gordo. Gordo shouts at Jack, swearing to defeat him, but Jack is not intimidated in the slightest. Gordo throws the first punch and the gauntlet is thrown. Jack and manages to avoid Gordo's attack and damage him with a staff in the dome. However, Gordo grabs a sickle and cuts Jack's staff in half, hoping to lower Jack's chances of victory but instead did the direct opposite. With two short staffs in hand, Jack manages to defeat Gordo, which caused to go primal and attack furiously at Jack. After a vigorous battle, Jack manages to best Gordo.

The next champion, The Aqualizer, is called to battle. He proves to be a more difficult challenge, but Jack gains nun-chuck and use them to bring Aqualizer down and destroy his helmet, revealing him to be a helpless sea worm. The crowd beckons Jack to Kill the creature, but he refuses. The dome is angered by Jack's decision and the announcer calls upon Sumoto to destroy Jack by flattening him to the ground. Jack manages to survive being crushed, but struggles under his weight. He moves his head back and forth, causing his topknot to tickle Sumoto. Taking the advantage in his favor, Jack relentlessly tickles Sumoto to the point where he passes out.

The announcer is fed up with Jack and decides to bring out all the champions in the dome, Torto, Miotis, The Claw, Reptor, Mr. Roboto and Ganeesh. Jack decides to end the fight once and for all and grabs his sword. He manages to defeat the champions with ease. The crowd praises Jack for his victories, but Jack demands that the senseless violence ends and the other warriors to be set free. With his task complete, Jack exits the dome and continues his journey.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • Official website listings for this episode include an additional (if not alternate) title: "Chaingang Jack"


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