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Episode XVII: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2 is the seventeenth episode from the second season of Samurai Jack. In this episode, Jack must help The Scotsman save his wife from demonic robots.


The episode starts off with a glimpse of a wanted poster of Jack, being the most wanted man in the future, who happens to be eating noodles in a tavern full of bounty hunters. After the bounty hunters see that Jack is the man in the poster, they begin to attack him, only to be ambushed by the Scotsman, who tracked Jack down to ask him for help. The Scotsman tells Jack that a clan of Celtic demons had kidnapped his beloved wife, and the Scotsman was forbidden by ancient tradition to be aided by his clan members. The only loophole allowed for the Scotsman to seek aid from a stranger, and, in his words, Jack is "the strangest man [he knew]". Jack was more than willing to aid his friend, but first he had to gain the approval of the Scotsman's clan. The two friends journeyed to the Highlands, where Jack was introduced to the Scotsman's clan, including the clan's Druid. After passing a test of strength (through unconventional means), Jack and the Scotsman were allowed to go rescue his wife.

After sneaking into the Castle of Boon, where the Celtic Demons resided, the two discovered that the demons wanted to eat the Scotsman's wife by cooking her in a soup. They finally reached the tower where the Scotsman's wife was held, only for Jack to learn that she is even more abrasive than her husband; this seems to please the Scotman, who smiles at her rude remarks about him and Jack. As they tried to sneak her out, the group were cornered by the demon horde. Though the two warriors fought valiantly, they were vastly outnumbered, and were nearly defeated. However, when the head Celtic Demon referred to the Scotsman's wife as "the fat one", she became infuriated, sending her into a frenzied rage, destroying the entire horde with her bare hands while Jack and the Scotsman looked on in awe. Jack then commends her for her intense fighting skill and superhuman strength, and she politely remarks that he's not as bad as she at first thought (though he could use a bit of haggis to fatten him up). As the three began to leave, Jack realizes that the main doorway is too small for the Scotsman's wife, and he gently, indirectly implies that she is fat, forcing him to flee as she furiously pursued him in another fit of rage, with the Scotsman calling after her not to squash the samurai.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • After the scene where Jack passes the test of throwing a stone, when the Scotsman is carrying Jack on his shoulders, the Loch Ness monster (or a descendant) is seen swimming in the lake.
  • This is one of the fewest episodes where Jack is bested in combat, as even with the help of the Scotsman, is about to give up fighting against the Celtic Demons.
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