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"Episode XXVII: Chicken Jack"[1] is the twenty seventh episode in the third season of Samurai Jack.


Jack is transformed into a chicken after bumping into a Cranky Wizard. Soon, he's discovered by a man who resembles the Scotsman, except being fat and shorter. Later, Jack enters an illegal combat arena and faces off against a robot beetle, similar to Aku's beetle drones.


In the city, a feared Cranky Wizard is given clear passage by every citizen he passes by. Jack has just finished a chicken soup from a food stand as the Vendor comments on a storm brewing. Jack very lightly bumps into the Wizard which enrages the man into unleashing his magic on him, transforming Jack into a chicken. Initially unaware of the transformation, Jack accidentally angers a bystander who attempts to attack him. Jack easily dodges the strike and takes a defensive stance, which results in him being laughed at and brushed off. After seeing his reflection and finding another victim of the same fate, Jack tries to confront the wizard, while running past various odd characters, only to be captured by a man named Cacciatore, the boss of an underground animal fighting ring known as the Creature Combat Club. Jack is thrown into the arena and forced to fight several creatures including a Beetle Bot (a robot beetle similar to Aku's Beetle drones), Mechanical Snake, Arachnid Cyclops, Mutant Earthworm, and finally a giant rat known as the Finisher. After defeating them all, Jack becomes the main attraction of the Creature Combat Club. Defeating multiple opponents, such as a Mechanical Centipede, before finally being shown standing on a mountain of creatures while Cacciatore collects all of the money.

Cacciatore is enjoying a feast to himself while Jack is left famished. A big time fight promoter knocks on the door to invite Cacciatore to have Jack fight in "The Main Event". Cacciatore dresses up in brand new attire for the opportunity and is just leaving the store, when he bumps into the same Wizard himself. He's subsequently transformed into a chicken, while Jack is caught in the magic blast as well, leaving a surprised Jack who finds himself human again and notices the Wizard leaving. Jack returns to the same food stand and the Vendor asks if he wants the chicken again. Jack bangs the counter angrily saying "No! No chicken!" but then calms down and asks to try the shrimp instead.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman



  • The existence of a wizard with the power to turn people into birds was first mentioned in the episode "Jack and the Dragon" when the Scissorsmith tells Jack his wife was transformed into a crow after he sold the wizard an expired fishing license, although it's not certain if he was telling the truth.
  • This episode has a few similarities to the novel White Fang by Jack London:
    • Jack, as a chicken, is forced to fight various robots and creatures. Similar to how White Fang was forced to battle against various dog breeds and even a lynx.
    • Jack wasn't well taken care of by Cacciatore. Similar to Beauty Smith's mistreatment of White Fang.
    • The fights between Jack and various robots took place in an illegal gambling den. Exactly like the one featured in White Fang.