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"Episode XXX: Jack and the Zombies"[1] is the thirtieth episode of the series and the fourth episode of Season 3. This episode features Jack being led into a cemetery by Aku, where an army of undead lay in wait.


Jack is seen walking as Aku is watching from his tower, glowering and wondering why the samurai won't die. Eventually, Jack comes to a crossroads and throws a stick in the air to determine which way he should go. Aku changes the stick's direction and Jack follows that path. Aku laughs that the way he chose for him will lead Jack to his doom.

Jack enters a fog bank and eventually realizes it is a cemetery. Then Aku, using his necromancy, makes dozens of zombie warriors appear. Jack defeats them all just to have them rise again. Suddenly a ghostly hag appears and screams that she will eat his soul. She races toward him, but he blocks with his sword. She possesses his sword and makes it fly away and right into Aku's hand. Aku then mocks Jack and says he will destroy the sword and become truly invincible, but not before finishing Jack with it. Jack starts to run away while dodging Aku's laser eye beams and sword strikes. Jack then picks up one of the zombies' swords and starts to block Aku's strikes until the demon shifts into a scorpion with the sword on his stinger. Jack deflects with a shield and Aku then changes into a Chinese dragon and starts blowing up the landscape with eye beams before changing again. This time he turns into a praying mantis and attempts to strike Jack who is forced to retreat. Aku then becomes a huge mass of dark tentacles that chase Jack all over until he manages to hide himself. Aku then mocks him even more and says he can not hide because he can smell his blood. He grabs Jack and holds him firmly in place on the ground, exposing his chest and preparing to stab him through the heart. Jack can only look on in fear and says softly "Forgive me father. I have failed you".

Ready to be struck down, Jack just lays there when the sword tip hits him... and bounces off his bare skin. Aku is completely bewildered (and humorously his eyebrows flame out) and pokes Jack four more times with the same result. Jack, surprised as well, then grabs his sword and escapes Aku, who is confounded by the sword being unable to strike its master. Jack explains that even he had forgotten this: that the sword cannot be used for evil, nor can it harm an innocent. He then rushes to the attack and starts hacking Aku's form down like a madman, then jumps into the air with a yell and slices him clean in half! Aku then morphs into a tiny mouse, vowing he will get back at Jack while running away. With his archenemy in retreat once again, Jack then continues on his way as the sun rises over the cemetery.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • The witch-hag that states to Jack of eating his soul is a nod to the Evil Dead series of flims.