Episode XXXIII: Jack and the Creature is the thirty-third episode in the third season of Samurai Jack. This episode features an overly friendly creature befriending Jack, which in turn leads to some misadventures.


     The episode starts with Jack walking through a desert and coming to rest in a large patch of trees. Jack lies down for a rest and suddenly, the ground starts to move. Jack leaps to his feet and it is revealed that he is actually on top of the belly of a giant, yet seemingly harmless, creature. Jack and the creature stare at each other for a moment, not knowing what to make of the situation. Eventually, the creature approves of Jack and sloppliy licks him on the face, much to his irritation. Jack moves on and the creature begins to follow him, ducking out of view everytime Jack turns around.

    Although Jack has a feeling something is following him, he remains oblivious of his stalker until it appears infront of him. Frustrated, Jack asks the creature why it won't stop following him. The creature procedes to run around the forest with a big, goofy grin on its face while making stupid noises. It occurs to Jack that the creature is not threatening, just not very bright, and decides this situation is nothing to get upset over. Jack walks away and comes across a tree with berries growing on it. Jacks chops some off for his dinner but is annoyed to find the creature followed him yet again. Jack begins to eat his berries but the creature stares at him hungrily as he does so. Growing irritated, Jack gives the creature his berries and demands that it leave. However, the creature is still hungry so Jack sets up a trap to catch a deer but the creature scares it off and gets shot in the behind with an arrow from the trap.

   The creature continues to follow Jack and eventually Jack gives in and allows the creature to accompany him. After a long journey they finally arrive at their destination: a crystal that will send Jack back in time. Before Jack parts, he apologizes to the creature for being irritable towards him and tells him that instead of getting in the way he actually helped him. Although the creature is happy to be of help to his friend, he is deeply saddened that Jack will leave him. After realizing that if the portal was gone, Jack would have to stay behind, the creature levates to the crystal and eats it, once again thwarting Jack's quest. Furious at the creature for destroying his chance to return home, Jack tells it that in the morning it will no longer be welcome to follow him.

   Jack eventually falls asleep and the creature tenderly smiles at him before sleeping as well. In the morning, the creature awakens and is horrified to discover Jack is gone. The creature frantically searches for him and calls out. After realizing Jack has left him, the creature begins to cry. Jack is still close enough to hear the creature's wails but decides to carry on.

    Jack continues walking through a wasteland where he is soon attacked by a gang of 50s style greaser robots. The gang shoots at Jack from their muscle car until Jack causes them to crash. Jack faces the robots but they over-power him with little effort. The creature eventually finds Jack but is horrified to find him being savaged by the greaser-bots. At first the creature is too scared to save his friend and hides behind a rock. However, after hearing Jack's agonizing screams, the creature snaps and, in a fit of rage, transforms into a gigantic, ferocious beast and brutally massacres the robot gang. After returning to normal, the creature walks over to Jack, who is lying motionless on the ground. Thinking he is dead, the creature falls to the ground and sobs. The creature's tears fall on Jack's face and he regains conciousness. Jack see's the scattered remains of his attackers and realizes the creature saved his life. The creature see's Jack is still alive and is over-come with joy. Jack tells him he thinks he see's a village where they can find food and shelter. The two walk into the sunset and the creature picks Jack up and gives him a big hug.


  • This episode pays homage to animation director Hayao Miyazaki.  The creature resembles Totoro. Likewise, the Crystal of Cagliostro that Jack seeks resembles the levitation crystal from Castle in the Sky and is named after The Castle of Cagliostro.
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