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Extor is the creator of the Ultra-robots who appears in Episode XVIII: Jack and the Ultra-robots and Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku.He also made a cameo in a vision Episode XLIII: The Aku Infection


In exchange for his dwellings and it's peoples lives he originally created them to help Aku destroy Jack. However he, like many others before, had been betrayed by Aku when he ordered the destruction of his home town and so he decided to help Jack unmake his abominations.

After past Aku's destruction, it is likely the destruction of his village by the Ultra-robots was undone since there were no Aku to order their creation. Apart from that, how it affected his existence is unknown.


He is a medium-sized scientist that wears glasses. He also has an odd voice.


As for the fact that he is the one who created and developed the ultimate killing machine the Ultra-robots, some parts of his work laboratory are shown


  • His vocal mannerisms are a reference to the title character in Jerry Lewis's The Nutty Professor.
  • Extor's knowledge in robotics is likely superior than that of Aku's Evil Scientists', since he created robots that gave Jack a real challenge. Extor is also cleverer than them, since he made the Ultra-robots study Jack's fighting skills and crafted them from adamantium, making them nigh indestructible. This shows his expertise in metallurgy as well.
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