Wise man knows everything, a shrewd one, everybody.



Ganeesh is a minor antagonist appearing in Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback.


Ganeesh is one of the Dome of Doom Champions. He is a multi-armed, sword-wielding golem with Indian clothing and accent. He is name after the Hindu god Ganesha, even though he bears no resemblance to his namesake.

During the fight with Jack, he shares his "wisdom", but Jack is unimpressed.


Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback

Ganeesh is one of the last 6 Champions summoned by the Ringmaster after Jack has defeated the first 3 Champions. After the 5 remaining champions are defeated, Ganeesh fought with Jack, with him spewing "wisdoms". He was defeated after Jack sliced his head & the rest of his arms.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

Powers and abilities

  • Multi-Armed: Ganeesh has six arms and is therefore able to wield six weapons at once.
  • Master Swordsman: Ganeesh was able to hold his own against Jack for a short time using his six scimitars.


  • Wise man knows everything, a shrewd one, everybody.
  • You can hide, but you cannot run.
  • A true coward runs not from his opponent but from himself.
  • Many receive advice. Only the wise profit by it.
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