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Genndy Borisovich Tartakovsky (born Gennady Borisovich Tartakovsky, Russian: Геннадий Борисович Тартаковский) is an animator known for creating the series, Dexter's Laboratory, and Samurai Jack. He is also a co creator for Sym-Bionic Titan.

Born in Moscow, Russia, he came to the U.S. as a child and gained an interest in animation due to his exposure to many American cartoons and comics. He would attend CalArts to pursue a career in the field and would take small jobs on the shows Tiny Toon Adventures and Batman: The Animated Series after graduating.

His first job at Cartoon Network was on 2 Stupid Dogs and eventually became one of the pioneers of Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoons (others include Craig McCracken, John R. Dilworth, Danny Antonucci, Van Partible, etc.). Genndy was also a major staff member on the first three seasons of The Powerpuff Girls, and created the Star Wars: Clone Wars mini series.

Genndy also is involved in the field of cinema. He served as the animation director on The Powerpuff Girls Movie and is the director of the 3 Hotel Transylvania films. In addition to these projects, in 2011 Genndy created an animated prologue for the action/horror movie Priest. Priest was the first work of adult-rated animation to be created by Genndy.

Ever since 2002, Genndy had the intention of making a film adaptation of Samurai Jack, however the under-performance of The Powerpuff Girls Movie led to the film being scrapped (among other ideas for theatrical Cartoon Network films). After the series concluded in 2004 he continued to pursue this goal in order to give the series a proper finale (even gaining support from such figures as J.J. Abrams) only to be stunted at each turn. Eventually he formed a deal with Mike Lazzo of Adult Swim to produce a final fifth season which aired in 2017.

In 2019, Adult Swim released a teaser trailer for Genndy's next animated series titled Primal. The series has gained positive reception and has been renewed for a second season. While working on Primal, Tartakovsky is also directing several other projects, a Popeye animated movie, as well as two projects titled Fixed and Black Knight, respectively. On October 28 of 2020, a new animated series by Tartakovsky titled Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, was announced. The series marked Tartakovsky's return to Cartoon Network.

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  • In the Duck Dodgers parody of Samurai Jack, he played the guide to Duck Dodgers/Samurai Quack.