The Goddess appeared as a light, airy, and ethereal spirit with glowing blue eyes.


In ancient times, the Goddess of Water created a gem called the Jewel of Neptune, which would grant whoever possessed it the power to control all the water of the world.

Aku tried to steal the Jewel of Neptune countless times, but was always prevented by the Goddess, who went on to create three guardians from the primary forces of nature - Earth, Wind, and Fire - to guard the jewel in her absence.

Jewel of Neptune

The Jewel of Neptune


Though she only made her appearance in one episode, the Goddess of Water was shown to be a potent and formidable deity, being one of the few beings capable of defeating Aku independently. Hence, it is reasonable and logical to deduce that her powers were on par with those of the three deities who banded together to defeat Aku in ancient times (Odin, Ra, and Rama).

Examples of powers she possessed are:

  • Hydrokinesis: As the Goddess of Water, she had the ability to create, shape, and manipulate water itself.
  • Elemental Constructs: The Goddess had the ability to create objects from elemental forces, as seen by how she created the Jewel of Neptune, which could grant its possessor the ability to control all the water of the world.
  • Elemental Entity Creation: The Goddess was shown to have the ability to create beings of elemental forces, as seen by how she created the Three Elementals to guard the Jewel of Neptune.
  • Energy Blasts: As shown by her confrontations with Aku, the Goddess had the ability to release energy on a specific target area - she fired spheres of silvery energy that were powerful enough to subdue even the Master of Darkness himself.
  • Immortality: As a deity, the Goddess will never grow old or die of natural causes. It is also possible that she cannot be destroyed through unnatural causes, such as murder.
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