l am the master mechanic, the alpha and omega! l will put a hurting on you, slave! l'm gonna tear you up into little shreds! And then l'll take those shreds and tear 'em up into little shreds! l will make your mother cry! l will make your Aunt Edna from Withershoot proper, south of Barnaby, cry! Are you ready for pain, Two Sandals?!

—Gordo the Gruesome

Gordo the Gruesome is one of the Dome of Doom Champions. He is an ape-like creature that has a big mouth and a big temper.


Gordo is a large, obnoxious fighter, and the first fighter Jack fights in the Dome of Doom. He is implied to be the champion (or a high-ranking fighter) prior to being dethroned by Jack.

His tactics include intimidation by shouting insults and taunts at his opponent before fighting them, and fighting with his fists and feet. Once enraged, Gordo grows even more monstrous and gains long, sharp nails on his feet and hands.


Gordo is one of Champions summoned by the Ringmaster to face against Jack (referred as "Two Sandals the Treacherous"). He previously fought Poogle the Pitiful.

Before the fight began, Gordo began to hurl insults to Jack, which is not intimidated by his taunts. During the fight, Gordo is no match with the Samurai. As Jack repeatedly beats him up with a long stick (which is later separated by two by Gordo), Gordo became enraged, and grows into his "Primate form". Despite this, Jack defeats him with a trident, much to the Ringmaster's shock.(Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback)

It was unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

Powers and abilities

  • Inhuman Strength: Gordo was strong enough to send Jack flying across the room with a single punch.
  • Master Melee Combatant: Gordo is a skilled melee fighter, both unarmed and using a sickle. It is unknown whether or not he uses other weapons.
  • Primal Reversion: When fighting a losing battle, Gordo abandons all pretense of civility and gives fully into his feral side. This is shown by his eyes becoming bloodshot, his muscles bulging, and immense claws extending from his fingers. In this form, Gordo fights like a wild animal. His attacks become more unrelenting and wildly savage, but he also abandons all sense of strategy.


  • Gordo looks somewhat similar to another character, Monkar.
  • Gordo's voice and tactic of shouting insults are reminiscent of famous wrestlers, such as Hulk Hogan.
  • Two other Dome of Doom fighters, Sumoto and Ganeesh, are also voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Gordo's 'tearing shreds' threat would later be used by the Orc Army's leader but modified into 'little pieces' in Season 5.
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