Hope is one of the many forms of Inner Jack and one of the two positive forms it possesses.


Season 4

Hope first made its appearance in The Aku Infection, where it manifested by Jack when he was remembering the good deeds he did in the future, in order to cure himself of an infection.

Season 5

Hope was slowly diminishing in season five after Jack has lost his sword and was being overrun by the negative personalities.

In Episode XCVIII, Hope returned to Jack as a golden glow in his eyes and sealed Mad Jack and the other negative personalities away.

In Episode CI, Hope returned to Jack once again after he came back to the Past, when he was sitting under a tree as he saw a ladybug.


Season 4

Season 5


  • Hope and Care are the only positive personalities of Inner Jack.
  • It should be noted that the Japanese word for castle, shiro (城) is homophonically similar to the Japanese word for white, Shiro (白).
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