I and Am are twin bounty hunters who only appeared in the episode "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters".


I and Am are twin Siamese cat-like humanoids that talk in the same monotone voice, often finishing each other’s sentence in rhyme. Due to the nature of their almost perfect coordination a rumor was spread which claimed that the two of them shared the same mind.

They, along with other bounty hunters, told their plans of claiming the bounty on Jack by disarming the samurai of his sword and finishing him with mines thrown from above the sky. But Princess Mira pointed out their flaws in their plan, but complemented their plan for being on the right path. When Princess Mira reveals to the bounty hunters her plan to join forces, Am was put on the lookout for Jack while I was digging traps with the rest of the bounty hunters. After finishing the trap I was taking a "catnap" when Am informs his brother, via telepathy, that "He's coming." Am immediately warns the other hunters and begins covering their snow tracks. Am hides in the woods while I hides in on of the traps. When Samurai Jack finally approaches the hidden holes I was the first to pop out and using his chain to snatch Jack's sword only for Jack to grab tighter onto his sword, pulls I towards him, incapacitates the hunter with a single sword slash. Am throws the mines at Jack only for him to grab them and throw the mines at Boris. Later, Am enraged over I's seemingly death lunged at Jack only for Jack to slice into Am, incapacitates the last twin.

Given that Genndy Tartakovsky himself officially confirmed that Jack never kill human beings (and likely sentient creatures), it is assumed that both I and Am are simply unconscious and injured.[1]

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected their existence.

Abilities and equipment

  • Acrobatics: Both I and Am were adapt acrobats. They could leap up to several meters in the air and could easily swing from tree to tree in thick forests at rapid speeds.
  • Telepathy: Both bounty hunters seemed to have telepathic powers, as shown when I was sleeping, Am telepathically told his brother that Samurai Jack was approaching, to which I immediately responded by repeating Am's words.
  • Chains: While in combat, I wields a chain which he used to snatch Jack's sword.
  • Mines: Am wielded several mines which he used to finish off opponents.




  • I and Am appear to be an amalgamation between real world conjoined twins Chan and Eng Bunker, and the fictional Lucien and Louis de Franchi. The Bunker twins were a pair of side-show performers who, being of Thai ancestry, became the origin of the term "Siamese Twins." In Alexander Dumas's novella The Corsican Twins, Lucien and Louis were former conjoined twins who, after their separation during infancy, could feel each others feelings and pain even at long distances from one another.
  • They're the only bounty hunters in the episode whose plan at least got a compliment from Princess Mira despite doomed to failure.
  • Their names are quite similar to the Siamese cats Si & Am from Disney's Lady & the Tramps
  • Their abilities of telepathy are similar to the sight sharing ability of latios and latias from Pokemon Heroes, as both duo share a psychic connection that allow them to see and feel the environment around of their counterpart.
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