Ikra was one of Aku's aliases which he chose in order to travel closely with Samurai Jack in Episode VI: Jack and the Warrior Woman. "Ikra" was voiced by Jennifer Martin.



Ikra using pyrokinesis to explain her father's imprisonment to Jack.

After Aku pretended to be a warrior woman who was named Ikra, he travelled with Jack across the desert, and they battled many dangers together. To all appearances, Ikra and Jack formed a close bond.

In order to get further to Jack on "her" side, Aku invented a backstory for Ikra, and told him that her father, like Jack's, had fought Aku, lost, and was trapped for eternity in a ring of fire. Aku then claimed to be on a quest to find a magical jewel in the desert which was powerful enough to free "Ikra's" father. When Aku revealed himself as Ikra the whole time, he mocked Jack for believing the story about her father.


As Ikra, Aku pretended to be portrayed as soft-spoken, cool, and elegant. To get close to Jack, Aku played at enjoying Jack's company, partook in many adventures with him, and even saved him from drowning in quicksand instead of allowing him to die. After she came close to the Desert Oasis Jewel, Ikra’s failure to pass the Jewel's test of purity revealed "her" true nature as the embodiment of evil.


Ikra was marked by the same green-black color coding that marked Aku’s alternate forms. Her appearance was a result of Aku’s shape-shifting into a young woman with green skin, black hair, a black dress, and red lips.

Skills and Abilities


Ikra using her sword to destroy the Robotic Bandits.

As a disguise that was utilized by Aku, Ikra's abilities were the same as his. However, the one ability that Aku used that he did not normally demonstrate in his true form was great skill with a sword; Ikra was shown to be quite proficient in wielding a two-handed black sword that was made of the same evil which comprised Aku's physical form.


  • Ikra was discreetly referenced by Aku in "Jack Versus Aku". When Jack demanded that Aku arrive for the challenge in his "human form", Aku mused over the idea of reappearing as Ikra.
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