I HAVE KEPT US ALIVE! He's the one who has taken it from us! HE KNOWS WHERE IT IS!

Mad Jack

Jack's conscience, also known as Inner Jack, is a recurring character in the fifth Season of Samurai Jack, which is revealed to be the return of Mad Jack, who manifested himself as "Anguish", "Bloodlust", and "Apathy" to haunt Jack.


Season 1

The first appearance of Inner Jack, named Mad Jack, is Jack's inner darkness that was temporally given a physical form by Aku's magic in Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack to combat the original's fighting style, but was latter defeated after Jack found peace within himself and Mad Jack was absorbed into a red spirit form.

Season 4

In Episode XLIII: The Aku Infection after Aku infected Jack with a part of his evil and turned him into Jack-Aku. Jack had to force the infection out with his own will power and the hope he gave to others.

The Shadow of Aku

Aku resurrected Mad Jack at Aku City so Jack can give into anger yet again.

Season 5

Some time after Shadow of Aku, Aku destroyed one of the last time portals, ultimately triggered the return of Mad Jack, causing him to go beserk and slaughter three innocent little rams that were made monstrous by Aku.

After fifty years have passed, another conscience of Jack known as 'Anguish' appeared in Episode XCIII, who had tried to convince Jack to give up. He constantly argues with him about the loss of the sword, Aku's possibility of knowing it, and how long can he keep this up. Impatient with Jack, he becomes aggressive, especially about their failed purpose and the only way home destroyed. He tells Jack that the only honourable thing to do was seppuku, however Jack dismissed it and tried to silence him, only to be met with aggression. After hearing Jack wanting answers from him, Anguish replies with wanting it to end, sadly expressing that isn't Jack tired, and that his ancestors are waiting for him.

After Jack's run in with the Daughters of Aku in Episode XCIV, Jack has suffered severe injuries to which he had to hide in a cave. Another part of jack's conscience known as 'Bloodlust' appears in a more distorted form, claiming that Jack had survived worse. After realizing that it was the death of a Daughter of Aku that made Jack guilty, he proceeds to taunt him about his first kill. He then starts to question whether Jack can kill them, or whether he wants to die himself; either way for him, he enjoys the idea of death.

In the inside of a Giant Monster on Episode XCV, Jack starts hallucinating about two characters known as Apathy and Puffball. The puffball was a kinder hallucination that questioned why Jack wanted to save Ashi and taunts him about saving her and expecting a "hug and a kiss". Apathy however, is the calmest of the negative personalities, but still is annoyed with Jack's choice to save Ashi, and debates leaving her by claiming her choices had led her here. After noticing her disappearance, he simply grins and claims "She's gone", satisfied with her "death", he claims victory and proceeds to tell Jack that it is time to go now. However, Jack decides to go after her, much to Apathy's annoyed prediction.

The final appearance of all of Jack's bad Consciousness was in Episode XCVIII, where Mad Jack, realizing that the other personalities failed to convince Jack down the wrong path, takes matters into his own hands. Due to knowing that a pure heart can gain the sword back and therefore vanquish him in the process, Mad Jack tries to provoke Jack into demanding the sword from the Monk and that he was hiding it. However, Jack realizes that Mad Jack consumed him for too long and that he was the reason why his sword was gone and the reason behind the other personalities resurfaced to steer him wrongly. Jack sees through his evil and banishes Mad Jack, along with the other personalities forever.

A final conscious of Jack emerges in Episode C, except this isn't a negative one. This conscious is Care as he showed his care for Jack's well-being. When looking in a reflection, Care appeared and told him to be careful. He asked what Jack is going to do afterwards, to which Jack voiced his uncertainty.

Forms and Traits

Mad Jack

The first, third and last form of Inner Jack. Originally given form by Aku's magic to defeat Samurai Jack, only to later appear to control Jack within Season 5. His physical form is a darker version of Jack, but then is reduced to his spiritual form which Jack had sealed him into, which is red, ghostly version of Jack. Being the leader and most unstable of the personalities, he is the largest and most warped out of all of them; this is because of his rage manifesting as the dominant personality.


In The Aku Infection, Hope manifests into a huge Japanese castle created from the blessings of those he has helped, protected and befriended. It is then converted into a full Japanese armor to exorcise Jack of an infection that corrupted him. This personalities is white, to symbolize purity. Because of the influence of other negative forms, it is likely that this one is weaken and lost its balance.

After Jack managed to overcome all of his negative traits, Hope manifested through Jack's eyes as a beam of golden light and sealed Mad Jack forever alongside the other negative traits. Thanks to Hope, the gods deemed Jack worthy of the katana and returned it, more powerful than before.

It is interesting to note that Japanese word for castle, shiro (城) homophonically similar to shiro for white (白). The castle that this consciousness manifested into is radiance with white light.


This form was the first seen in Season 5. It is full of sorrow and anger. It is a slightly broader version of Jack appearing in a ghostly, blue form.


This form wanted nothing but death and blood to occur, to him, it didn't matter whether the Daughters of Aku were killed, or Jack. It is a thinner, but much more warped version of Anguish, portraying insane eyes and sharp teeth.


The Puffball was trying to tell Jack that Ashi was not worth saving and gave a sarcastic comment after jack saved her. It is a tiny, white essence and most likely a hallucination created from the insides of the monster. This is the only form of conscious that doesn't portray any personality nor form of Jack.


This form appeared after Jack told the Puffball that he does not want to talk to it anymore, while this form is more calm than the others, he too wanted to leave Ashi in the Creature. He is of a purple and blue design, and probably the most accurate appearance of Jack in his prime in terms of negative personalities (mostly due to his calmness and being the least negative of said personalities apart from Hope).


This is the second positive personality and first one for Jack in season 5. He appears as bearded Jack and appeared in his reflection. He clearly cares for Jack well-being and told him to be careful.



Mad Jack

  • "Don't be such a fool, I am you [...] Ugh, you're so stupid. You are you also"
  • "I am the son of Aku's magic, he has looked deep within you and has spawned me from your own burning hatred, I am your dark side and I possess all the powers that you wield, And I only have one purpose in my existence. To destroy you"
  • "Hurts, doesn't it?"
  • "Huh? What the?"
  • "What the heck is going on?"
  • "WHAT?!"
  • "FOOL! I am real. Now feel the reality of my cold hard steel"
  • "That's fortune cookie nonsense. He know where it is, he just won't tell you."
  • "EARN!??? After everything we've done, everything WE'VE BEEN THROUGH? The death, the loss, THE SUFFERING! WHO ARE YOU TO DENY US WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!?"
  • "I HAVE KEPT US ALIVE! He's the one who has taken it from us! HE KNOWS WHERE IT IS!"
  • "You're in my way!"
  • "YOU'RE A FOOL!!!"
  • "YOU NEED ME!!!!!"


  • "It's time to end it, don't you think?"
  • "When you had the sword, but now it's gone. There's no hope"
  • "Well listen to you. And what are you going to do when Aku finds you and realizes you have no sword?"
  • "Maybe he's right. You haven't faced anything so powerful. How much longer can you keep this up?"
  • "Who cares anymore? There's no way home, there's nothing to fight for. There's no more honor. Come to think of it, the only honorable thing to do is-"
  • "I want it to end. Aren't you tired? Wouldn't it be great to be free of all of this? Our ancestors are waiting for us, there want you to join them"
  • "You'll never make it, they'll get you!"


  • "Look at you. You survived worse!"
  • "This isn't about your pathetic, little cut. It's about that girl you killed."
  • "We've never killed a human before, have we? Sure, mountains of robot corpses, but this, this was the first human being. Real flesh and blood."
  • "What happens when the others find you? You'll have to kill them too. Can you?"
  • "Will you be able to when the time comes? Maybe they will kill you, or is that what you want?"


  • "What are you doing Jack?"
  • "Waiting? Waiting for what?"
  • "You know the way out, lets just go."
  • "Innocent? Are you mad?"
  • "She's pure evil!"
  • "Ha! You'd know about that wouldn't you?
  • "What did you expect? A hug and a kiss?"


  • "Well then, maybe you'll talk to me!"
  • "Look, why do you always have to get involved? She chose her way, and now she has to live with the consequences"
  • "(Smirking) She's gone"
  • "Ok, well that's that. Let's get out of here."
  • "(Sighing) You're going to save her life aren't you"


  • "Be careful"
  • "What are you going to do?"


  • It is believed that all of these (with the exception of Hope, Puffball and Care) resign into Mad Jack's body and take turns to convince Jack by changing into their different forms. This is because once Jack vanishes Mad Jack, all the personalities are gone too.
    • Many fans suspected Mad Jack to be Anguish, Bloodlust and Apathy in episodes XCIII, XCIV and XCV, which is later revealed to be true.
  • Out of all personalities, only Mad Jack was temporally given a physical form by Aku twice.
  • The puffball hallucination saying "What did you expect? A hug and a kiss?" was foreshadowing Jack and Ashi's relationship as Jack subconsciously thought about a hug and a kiss after saving Ashi.
  • Anguish, Bloodlust and Apathy all had a ghostly, blue appearance, similar to the Scotsman's ghost.
  • Ironically, Mad Jack and Hope (Who are at different ends of the personality balance spectrum) are the only personalities who have attacked Aku. Hope destroys the corruption of Aku whilst Mad Jack's possession of Jack caused him to lash out at Aku.
  • It appears that the more corrupted the personality, the more warped the appearance. In terms of being the most warped, it goes Mad Jack (Spirit form) > Bloodlust > Anguish > Apathy > Hope/Care (Old Jack).
  • Hope and Care both have the least amount of line out of all the personalities.
  • All the personalities, apart from Puffball and Care, are based on Jack in his prime.


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