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Aku has posted a bounty for 2 googolplex (2 times 1010100) for Jack's head, though this may not be a large sum of money due to inflation, which is presumed in the world's dystopian state. This has made Jack a massive target for a large number of bounty hunters, as he commonly finds himself battling them in many episodes.

Despite the reward, Jack is often left alone whilst walking in public, most likely due to the fact that the majority of the hunters realize that they stand very little chance in defeating him.

The bounty has since been increased from 1 googolplex from episode 8's initial bounty 'Jack vs Mad Jack'.

After 50 years, the bounty hunting activities against Jack is getting a lot of trouble due to more and more people and aliens supporting Jack, in which they're willing to attack the bounty hunters who try to hunt for Jack.

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