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Jujunga was a character who only appeared in "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters".


Jujunga was an Aboriginal Australian bounty hunter. He, along with the Gentleman, I and Am, Princess Mira, and Boris traveled to the icy regions to capture/kill Samurai Jack. Jujunga's plan was to distract Jack by playing his didgeridoo, and, while Jack was distracted, he would fire an poison dart on Jack's neck since his didgeridoo also doubled as an blowgun. Mira criticized his plan, telling him that Jack's senses were too sharp and he would simply dodge the dart. Later, after Mira told the other bounty hunters of her plan, Jujunga was among the other bounty hunters digging the trap. While they were waiting for Jack, Jujunga was playing his didgeridoo and when told that Jack was coming, he along with the others fled to the trap. When the trap was sprung, Jujunga fired his blowgun only for Jack to quickly defeat him. According to Genndy Tartakovsky, Jack fought humans and sentient creatures in the original series, but never killed them, meaning Jujunga and the others who were defeated were likely unconscious as of the end of the episode.[1]

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence in the future.

Abilities and equipment

  • Expert marksman: Jujunga was an expert marksman with his didgeridoo, which doubles as a blowgun.
  • Expert musician: Along with his expert marksmanship, Jujunga also had great skill playing the didgeridoo.
  • Master poisoner: His blow darts are coated in deadly poison, though it is not known whether he prepares it himself or obtains from other sources.


  • Some fans have speculated that Jujunga could be Deathblow; Aku's current favorite assassin (seen in XCVII). This is because his signature weapon is a blow gun that can kill, therefore being a new nickname to him as Deathblow (Especially since it is revealed that he didn't die). Others say that Gentle Jim could be the Gentleman And Da-Bomb could be Boris.