Jujunga was a character who only appeared in "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters".


Jujunga was an Aboriginal Australian bounty hunter. He along with the Gentleman, I and Am, Princess Mira, and Boris traveled to the icy regions to capture/kill Samurai Jack. Jujunga's plan was to distract Jack by playing his didgeridoo, and while Jack was distracted he would fire an poison dart on Jack's neck since his didgeridoo also doubled as an blow gun. Mira criticized his plan, telling him that Jack's senses were too sharp and he would simply dodge the dart. Later, after Mira told the other bounty hunters of her plan, Jujunga was among the other bounty hunters digging the trap. While they were waiting for Jack, Jujunga was playing his didgeridoo and when told that Jack was coming, he along with the others fled to the trap. When the trap was sprung, Junjunga fired his blowgun only for Jack to kill him with a simple slash from his sword.

Abilities and equipment

  • Expert marksmen: Jujunga was an expert marksman with his didgeridoo, which doubles as a blowgun.
  • Expert musician: Along with his expert marksmanship, Junjunga had also great skill playing the didgeridoo.
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