Master Ning is the leader of the Lizard Monks. He made his appearance in Episode XLIII: The Aku Infection. He is the only grey monk unlike the rest of the lizards.


Master Ning and the Lizard Monks guarded the Pool of Convergence which they felt could bring Samurai Jack home. Jack wanted to tell Master Ning that he wanted to return home but he turned into Jack-Aku. Master Ning and his Lizard Monks tried to stop Jack-Aku from destroying the Pool of Convergence, but failed, though they were able to help free Jack of Aku's infection and become the same warrior he once was.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.


Similarly to the Lizard Monks, Master Ning is nice and kind to Samurai Jack, but they don't like Jack-Aku, due to his agressive and ill-mannered nature. Master Ning is also extremely wise, polite and respectful. Him and the Lizard Monks are one of the few people that Jack would show his soft side to, even shedding tears for them to help him. Master Ning and his Monks also guided him through stopping Aku from taking over his body. He remain instantly calm and humble, even after being attacked by Jack-Aku.

Skills and Abilities

Master Ning share the same skills and abilities with the Lizard Monks.

Master Ning has the ability to jump high, use their tails as weapons, and he is also a good fighter, despite their small size. He can suck up water and shoot it out of their mouths in powerful spurts, and can ingest hot coals in order to breathe out searing flames.

When helping Jack to stop Aku from turning him into Jack-Aku, Master Ning and the Lizard Monks had trouble with fighting him, but managed to take him down in the end.

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