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  • I know that we are in the middle of resolving a dispute but I must say very clever and cool username not to mention choice of wikis edited. I have always liked the "Walking With..." series (plural) and the related series: Ballad of Big Al, Chased by Dinosaurs, Sea Monsters, Prehistoric Park. I admittedly have not seen all the other entries in the overall franchise but they are all spectacular.

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    • Yeah, I'm sorry if I upset you. I didn't mean to take any sides. My response for the "Definitions" was overly harsh and wrong of me. Seeing the argument bothered me and it was just my initial reaction. Later I stated to the admin "it's impossible to tell who is at fault. I'm mainly letting you know, because I don't think it will entirely stop without intervention, but who knows. I'm not blaming anyone, but this clearly is a problem." It sames that both you and Mizukage have done similar things like this on other wikis. At the time I thought you were starting it, but after doing more research I found this to be false. I apologize for the harsh comment. I was just a reaction. I didn't really know what was happening at the time and hadn't looked into the situation yet. Also, I apologize for getting involved in your discussion with Mizukage; that was personal and I was wrong to have interfered. I don't think you or him should be blocked. It was an impulsive reaction; especially since I didn't know anything about the situation.

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