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The Metal Eating Family are robots who appeared in Episode XV: Jack Tales.

Character Outline

The family is made up of four people. A mother, a father, a baby, and an elderly grandmother. Despite their harmless and innocent exterior, they are actually malicious beings who were willing to kill Jack so they could eat his sword.


The Family eating each other

While camping out in a forest one night, Jack meets a poor family. He decides to help them and lets them stay with him for the night. At first, they were kind to him, but when they saw his sword, they went mad and all four were trying to kill Jack in order to get his sword. When the mother attacked, Jack decided to fight back and cut at her face, revealing her to be a robot. When her family discovered this, they set their eyes on her instead and before long they were tearing each other apart in order to satisfy their hunger. While this is going on, Jack is just standing there and begins to feel incredibly uncomfortable because of the scene.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected their existence.

Family Members

  • Mother - name given in credits as "Woman." Voiced by Jennifer Hale. She is the first character whose robotic form is revealed when her human mask falls off.
  • Father - The second character whose true form is revealed, when the mother slashes the covering off of his chest. Bears a slight resemblance to Frankenstein's Monster.
  • Baby - Presumably the third to be uncovered, as he is shown wearing his disguise, but in the next shot he appears in, he has already been completely stripped of it.
  • Grandmother - Presumably the final robot to reveal their identity, likely as a result of the father robot ripping the "flesh" off of her arms and face.